Batangas Weekend 1


We're goin' to the beach!

Been praying for how many days already that it won't rain this weekend... well, it's been two days and no rain... i really hope it would remain this way till monday night! Hehehee!
We're finally going to unwind! Haayyy! I've been wanting to go out of town and i was so happy when we we're finally booked at La Luz Resort in Batangas this weekend. 2 days 1 night lang but ok na. At last, i'm already going to have the much needed rest and relaxation i've been dreaming for the past months... kasama ko pa husband ko... so i know it would be fun and relaxing!
Sana sunday na!!!


La Lang...

I'm already here sa office. Can't concentrate on my work coz i don't feel ok... me sipon ako, masakit ulo ko and i think lalagnatin na ko. I'm dreaming of just lying in bed and sleeping. Pero wala akong magagawa but to endure sitting infront of my computer and try to finish my reports. Hay, naisip ko tuloy, mas masarap talaga maging estudyante. Pag me sakit ka, pwede kang mag-absent without worrying how to tell your boss, without thinking na matatambakan ka ng trabaho etc. All you have to do is to ask your classmates anong topic nila when you were absent. Dati worry mo lang pano ka papasa sa mga subjects mo... (oh well, ako medyo mas upgraded yung worries ko... that is kung pano ako makakakuha ng mataas na grades para makagraduate with honors. Hehehehe! Yabang! ), eh ngayon, problema mo na ata lahat sa opisina... tapos mo na nga reports mo... ieexplain mo pa... dami pa kokontra and they make you feel pa na mali ginawa mo... Haaayyyy talaga!
La lang... hehehehhe!


Wedding Album Teaser 2

I wanted John to put this lines:
You do not marry someone you can live with
You marry someone you can't live without.
Kaso mali ata natext ko, so he's going to edit the caption uli.


Wedding Album Teasers From John Nicolay

John emailed me 5 pages lang to check. Teaser daw. Hahaaha! When i asked him to email me din kahit isang page lang nung ke Vergil, yun daw and suspense! Hahahaaha!
Hay! I'm excited natuloy of our wedding album and video!