Must See Movie: COURAGEOUS

Saw the movie at CCF's free movie night last Friday with some of our friends.

I was in tears and I was deeply touched.  Highly recommended especially to fathers and husbands!

Medicine To My Anxious Heart

Last week, a letter had put so much trouble and anxiousness to my heart.  I felt helpless and I was slowly being dragged to darkness. But I knew better already than to sulk in tears and have a pity party inside me.  I prayed to God in Jesus name and His promise came to my heart:

Hebrews 13:5
..... Never will I leave you;
          never will I forsake you.

Hebrews 13:6
So we say with confidence,
   " The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid.
      What man can do to me?"

As I keep on saying these words in my mind,  the amazing thing happened.  My heart grew calm and peaceful.  God is really faithful, and I have learned to trust in Him, and surrender in His will.  My God is bigger than my problems. 

I praise God for his faithfulness and mercy through His Son, my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.


In His Presence Day 2

What truth I have learned:

  • Understand the God is in control.  If we want to have calm within, cease striving from the worries, anxieties and frustrations inside.  
  • Spend time listening to God through his Word.  
  • Nourish our soul.  Feed the one that tells us to please God.
  • Surrendering to the Lord is not about giving up, but giving in to His love, grace, destiny, blessings.
  • The deepest cry of the soul is REST.  The deepest longing of the soul is PURPOSE.  The greatest need of the soul is RE-ALIGNMENT.
I am blessed to once again learn from His words.  I am a living testimony of how God's grace and love can calm your heart amidst all the trials and hardships of life.  

God bless us all! 


2012 CCF Leadership Conference - Day 1

Very important points that I got from our speaker Pastor Edmund Chan that touched me:

  •     Truth doesn't change lives.  Truth applied does.
  •     Intimacy with God is neither earned or deserved.  It is an invitation from God.
  •     We are created to enjoy intimacy with the Lord.
  •     Peace is not the absence of trouble.  Peace is the presence of God.
  •     Approval of God is more important than the applause of men.  
  •    Our soul's desire should be to please HIM by believing and following Jesus.
  •    And we can only do the the one thing that will please Him if we are in His presence.
The seminar is actually about discipleship, that which is what Jesus wants us to do.  We (with Vergil) are not yet leaders of a small group but we are really blessed by what w have learned.

Day 2 today.

God bless us all!