Full Trailer

The New Moon full trailer is out!!

Click here and have fun!

Palms Country Club Acctg Team

Photo taken some time last month. One down. John, our night auditor left for Shangrila Boracay.

I wonder who's next?

Awww! You know what I am thinking now.


Weekend Etc Etc

Hubby is doing the start-up with our new team member so I am left with the laptop and Seattle's Best free wi-fi! I'm glad Twitter is up and running already, was afraid this morning's downtime will take a while.

Now I'm blogging!

Was lying in our bed and looking idly at the window of our room when I noticed a bird's nest settled so nicely in the next room's aircon iron grills. No wonder I always hear birds chirping in the morning. Didn't know we have boarders in the house. Hmmnnn... they should pay a rent! Hahahaha!

I am really glad for my brother's portable DVD! At least Miggy and I can settle comfortably in bed and hang out without the jumping, throwing and running all over the place.

And of course, thanks to Barney for never failing to make my little boy happy!

After a round of Barney, the boy got bored already and so did I! SM Southmall is just around the corner and off we did!

Miggy loves the drums...

Loves the ball too...
I wonder if he will become a drummer or a basketball player?

I think the court pays more. LOL


New Moon

The full trailer is happening tonight at the MTV Movie Awards!

Click here for the trailer teaser.

See Rob and Kristen at the awards night!

Random thoughts and happenings

Ok. If it not for the label "senate" at the TV screen, I would have mistaken what was going on as a live entertainment talk show. That was totally entertaining more than enlightening! Poor hayden and katrina! Isn't it obvious that their scandal is being taken advantage of for political reasons? And why haven't they caught the one's responsible for the uploading and reproduction of the said video? Hmnnn.... And of all people who would lecture about morality?!?

We had a great time yesterday night. Our business appointments got cancelled so we decided to take Miggy to the kiddy salon for his long due haircut. It was only me, hubby and the big boy. And we had so much fun!

The H1N1 flu virus is definitely here! Number of confirmed cases is climbing up. But I wonder if we are taking it seriously? Well, I feel better now that we got our flu vaccine shots and we doubled our intake of vitamin c supplement. Nothing beats being alert and prepared, right?

Watched the 5 second trailer teaser of New Moon at Ryan Seacrest's site. Heard they are going to play the full trailer at he MTV Movie Awards. Can't wait! Click here for the video teaser.

Was definitely burnt out at work. It's not really for the work over load but for the routine! I am so bored!! Nothing, really, makes me so annoyed than getting onto a predictable day! I am definitely going to pursue what I want soon... I am thinking of getting into an Interior Design school, or take some photography lessons and get myself a professional cam. Or maybe enroll in multimedia arts?

Hubby's birthday is coming. And I have not yet decided on what to give him. He was actually checking on some PC games yesterday but he hadn't bought an external drive for the laptop yet so I am not also going to give him any games to dowload. His DOTA game is eating the lappy's memory space already (aside from the pics). I'm pretty sure hubby is checking this blog once in a while, so I'm definitely not going to announce anything about his gift. :-)

Read somewhere that the Hayden -Ruffa Mae video is already uploaded? How true is this? Shocking! If this is true, I am sure Mo Twister is having his last laugh. I can remember how furious Ruffa Mae of what Mo did when he interviewed Vicki Belo. But I hope it's not true though... or else.. I'm not sure what "senator" will do to Hayden. LOL

Will post some thoughts again ASAP.



Recent Week

Got this allergy attack for 6 days already but I am feeling better now. This is what I hate the most when June is kicking in coz this is also the time when my most hated allergic rhinitis starts to pay a visit. Antihistamines surely kills my day.

So what happened over the weekend?

**Almost every one I know has gone crazy over Hayden Kho's sex videos. Ask if they have a copy and they surely have- in their PSP's, cellphones, laptops and USB. Then they talked about who's really the victim over the whole mess. Here's my thought: Hayden Kho doing a video of his sexcapades is not really abnormal. Coz if it is then I think a lot of our male population are abnormals, right? Cut the crap of claiming saint. The wrong thing about it, though, is its release to the whole populace. That was supposed to be for personal viewing of the owner. But nonetheless, I pity the women (Katrina Halili, Maricar Reyes and the unnamed Brazilian model) in the movie clip. I am sure they are soooo embarassed and traumatized by its release.

**I presented the business plan Saturday night at our business partner's place. Almost all his guest were his co-borders in the second floor. Watching them kidding around and throwing funny comments on each other reminded me of my "ladies dorm days" during college. I remember wishing I had my own place then, but the fun, nightly girl talk and gossip and the many shoulders to cry on, made me think otherwise. It was a good 4 years stay- I learned a lot.

**I am getting hooked with Twitter! I surely love following updates from people I am interested in- Ryan Seacrest, Brian Gorrell, Jordin Sparks, Larry King and many others. I just wish though that friends will start twitting too. It would be lots of fun!! To all my friends: register now and follow me - http://twitter.com/m_gracebel :-)

**Read in the net about Hayden Kho's mother accusing Katrina of luring his son to use drugs. Now the PDEA is already in picture. This sure is getting uglier every second!

**Hope I'd be able to update often. Been busy with work and our business. Will post some thoughts soon.



Kris Allen is American Idol Season 8

Kris is cute and talented. No problem about that. But Adam Lambert is just awesome! But it's ok... I think Adam will continue to rock the world!

See finale story from E! Online.

Personality Test

Took the Facebook's personality quiz through birth month and here's the result:

Attractive personality
Shy and reserved
Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic
Loves peace and serenity
Sensitive to others
Loves to serve others
Not easily angered
Appreciative and returns kindness
Observant and assess others
Loves to dream and fantasize
Loves traveling
Loves attention
Loves home decors
Musically talented
Loves special things


What do you think?


The Official New Moon Poster from Ryan Seacrest

What can I say?

Thanks Ryan for this!
Follow Ryan Seacrest Twitter updates. Click here. And follow mine here.


Full Weekend

It was a very hectic weekend.
We attended our May Business Building Seminar at the PICC Media Center last Saturday followed by an early dinner with the team at Singkit in Harbor View. As always, I felt good being with positive and excited people once again. The seminar's empowering environment and our speaker's inspiring talk never fails to give me the best perspective of life, the power to dream high and big and the hope that a great life is coming ahead. The business had really tested how committed we are into reaching our goals in life- and I never give the credit to myself for holding on- I give the credit to my husband who's always there for me, our business mentors, our LOS, and our N21 family.
I changed my Sunday off sched to accomodate the Saturday function, so I had to report to work for half day. After lunch, me, hubby and Miggy headed off to SM Molino with a friend and her son to attend a Tom's World Event. Went home around 4pm, took a quick nap and then met with our business mentors Tita Nel and Tito Mar for counselling.
I was dead tired when we got home around 9pm.

Here are some pics over the weekend:


Dream house

When I visualize my dream house, I always see that cozy place- warm, welcoming, well lighted and ventilated. With just the right amount of furnitures and fixtures. Although I want my living and dining rooms in modern minimalist mode, the bedroom is a different setting. I want it close to nature, rustic, and creates that relaxing feeling where as if you're in the middle of a forest with warm leaves under your feet and the smell of the woods under your breathe. Warm, earth colors such us green, brown and rustic orange in your eyes. Imagine that scene inside your bedroom, wouldn't you feel relax and comfortable? What would be the right furniture for that? Something brown, rustic and heavy.

Hmnnn, i need to look now for the right rustic furnitures for my dream bedroom. Wish me luck for that!


Funny but so true!!!

Stumbled upon this great blog: The MousePotato and got this from one of his posts- Women As Explained by Engineers. My hubby is an engineer and I am pretty sure he would agree to this!

It's funny really, but it's soooo true.


Worth the wait!

What can I say?

It's worth the wait! The photo cards, the Borders Exclusive features, etc!

And this is something from the seller- film cell from the movie. Mine is #794 out of the 1500 produced.



I got my Twilight- Borders Exclusive Edition already!

Actual pic to follow!

I am happy!


When realization hits hard...

Ask me yesterday if I was being difficult as an employee to the company and as a staff to my boss and I would answer you NO. I was the best... I was indispensable... important. I had too much of an ego to the point already of being stupid... idiot.

And someone did tell me that before.

Did I accept it? Of course not! My ego and my pride was way to big to admit I was being stupid. I was perfectionist. No one can do a better job than me. I hurled criticisms at my teammates and always thought that they slow down any project that we had to finish. As if they were dragging me down from getting to positions. Even my bosses gained impossible comments from me. They were no good to be my boss. I was always better than them. So proud and mean! So self centered! After all, I was a choleric-sanguine by personality.

And then I came across an article in the net I didn't mean to read at all but I did. I'm really glad I did!

CONFESSIONS OF A RECOVERING IDIOT was all about me... or someone I can totally relate to. Because I was the same person. It was all about having to realize the painful truth that we have faults, that we are not perfect.. that we tend to look at others people's dirt in their faces without having to check our own reflections in the mirror first.

The article was so straight forward that I almost tried to see it as stupid before I even got to read the whole story. But the words of the author poured out reality in me. The words were never kind and encouraging at all to read by someone who can relate- but those words had cut through the shield of my stupidity. I was still trying to mend the shield mind you. But you see doing that will lead me again to the person I now realize was all wrong. I, too has never had the grace to accept criticisms, but I can hurl them back as fast as I could and as painful as it can get to the person. I was too sensitive that the slightest negative comment can ruin the whole day for me.

This confession had hit me so hard that I can't almost take it.

But I want to be a better person now.

I came upon such a powerful article not for me to say it's trash but for me to realize I still have the chance to a BETTER ME.



I have not uploaded the part 2 of Ilocos trip yet. I was so busy. Last May 1, we were off again to Tarlac for Miggy's bday party at our in-laws house the next day. We left few minutes after the party coz I needed to do some work in the office the following day.

And I became really busy....

You see, when Miguel came to us, my perspective, my priority changed. I knew I was not after a career anymore. What I really wanted was to take care of my husband and son and still have the lifestyle I want and the money to spent.

And deep inside me, I was looking for options. Glad to have found it though.

I can't imagine myself being this busy at work until age 65 when I have the choice to spend such time taking care of my loved ones.

I am smiling now... I can see the future ahead of me. And it's gonna be one hell of an exciting life!


Ilocos Trip Part 1

Miggy scared of the big waves. Dap-ayan inside the Museo Ilocos Norte
Miggy with the girls of Laoag Renzo Hotel... he was kilig!
Entrance of Museo Ilocos Norte
Daddy and son

More to come!