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Edge of the Moment

I only saw the movie  Edge of Tomorrow (Tom Cruise) recently (the DVD was already at 50% off the original price, that's why!).  It was not extra ordinary but it was entertaining.  The world was at war with aliens who seems to know every attack humans make before it happens.  While Major Cage (Tom Cruise) was a non-combat trained officer who was assigned to a sort of PR and Marketing of the military, he was suddenly thrust into the front lines.  On his first day of combat he died as expected.  But he killed an Alpha before that happened and it has given him power to reset time and repeat that day whenever he dies.  That power has given him the opportunity to improve and train as a good soldier and eventually found the solution into victory over the enemy.

And this morning, as I spend time with God pour out my struggle and heart to him, the movie came into my mind and how similar it is to God's grace, love and mercy!  If Major Cage was given each time he dies a new day to correct the mistake he commits,  God is giving me moment by moment to repent if I made mistake and His grace and mercy is new each moment.  And each new moment He gives me, each time He forgives me of my sins and remind me of His love, it gives me a new opportunity to train, improve and transform in to the person that He wants me to be, through His power and might. Each moment is a new moment to correct what I have done wrong before.  And if I still die in the process, I am confident that I am given a new one each time because God's love, mercy and grace is abounding.  

If Major Cage had lived each day at the edge of tomorrow to become a great soldier from a poor one, I will live every edge of the moment by God's power, love, grace and mercy to be continually transformed to a person He wants me to be, until the day of victory. 

Psalm 103:8
The Lord is compassionate and gracious,
slow to anger, abounding in love.