Book Fair

This will be worth a visit next week.  I might score some good books for me and hubby and for the little boy!

For more info visit :    http://www.manilabookfair.com/


St Lukes Global City

I happened to stumble upon this at Chuvaness blog (I am a fan of her blog!).  My click the link below and see what a 50k/night hospital room look like!!

Here's a teaser:

Click here for more pictures.


I Want!

For a preggy mom like me, I badly need a comfy shoes for my ever tired feet. I found this while browsing Femalenetwork's Shopcrazy. and I definitely want one!

Get one online! Visit Suelas and check out their other collections!


Be A Hero

I was in my usual schedule Friday night, August 30. Got two appointments in the evening and we got home around 11:30 already. I did not feel anything wrong when I went to bed and I was surprise when I woke up around 5 am that my throat hurts. So I went down and made a saltwater gargle solution. I tried to go back to sleep but the pain was already throbbing and I felt it getting worse. Around 7am, the pain in my throat extended up to my ears and this time, the pain is already excruciating to the point where I can no longer talk nor swallow food. To make the story short, I was rushed at Asian Hospital 11pm that Saturday night, was diagnosed with tonsillitis and needed immediate operation since it is already swollen and white patches are all over it. Of course, they have to consider that I am pregnant and the safety of the baby and me is at utmost importance. I was brought to the OR 6am in the morning after so much needles and tests, put on sleep thru general anethesia and they drained the white patches (nana in tagalog). They did not perform tonsillectomy since I was pregnant but suggested after I gave birth to go through it. Around 11:30am I ws brought back to my room from the recovery area where I woke up and felt relief in my throat although there's pain from the operation. Doctors declared me and the baby is safe already.

The entire ordeal was so fast that I did not have time to react already. All I wanted was the pain to go away because it was killing me. I really appreciate my husband more for being so strong and supportive. He was alone the entire time, worrying about me and the baby, not to mention that we were not ready financially for the staggering hospital bills. But he kept his smile and loving eyes and told me not to worry because he'll take care of everything. Of course I can't help but get worried after I saw the bill because I am due with the baby November and all our resources are exhausted already. But you see, what I saw in my husband that day made me trust that everything will be ok. This is just a challenge where you just have to choose: will you think like a hero and act on it? or be like a victim - wallow and cry and feel like it's the end of the world.

My husband chose to be a hero. And with that, I chose to be one too. Side by side, I know we can go through this together.


Help Me Organize

Now this will become a big help for me especially that I am the type who loves big and spacious bags and always ends up fishing things in my bag. Look at what I found online:

FILED folders but funkier and more fun!

Damage: Php 595.00

Visit Binky Burrow online store.

Shopping Personality

I accidentally bump into Female Network site's "What's Your Shopping Personality" quiz and took it. Now I am more convinced that it is a must that we increase our bottom line figure in our financials. LOL.

Here's the result:

You’re a Romanticist!

You’re known as the “impulsive buyer.” Emotions run wild while you shop, and, more often than not, you let them make the decisions for you. You think that a knockout piece is worth the purchase just because it’s one-of-a-kind, but do keep tabs on how much you spend and how much money you still have in your bank acco


A treat or two once in a while is a good thing, but having treats too frequently might burn holes in your wallet. Do try to make a monthly budget, and allocate money to priorities like food and commuting or gas expenses as well as rent and utilities. Keep in mind that you also need to save up for the future—who knows, you may be able to afford more big-ticket items if you hold out for something really special.

Incidentally, these are really good flops for a preggy mom from Fit Flipflops:


Love Them!

I fell in love with these infant shoes the moment I saw them! Will definitely get one for the baby girl!

Visit Tyler Marketing online!


It's Monday and one thing I learned is to start the week right! So I am in the process of organizing my events for the week and make my important to to do list:

1. Make calls and set business appointments.
2. Send products orders of Badette through LBC.
3. Book flight for next week's Ilocos trip.
4. Set August goals and action plan.
5. Settle bills - (hate this one, lol).


Family Day

Counsel and meeting in the morning wiht our business mentors Bob and Amy. It took 3 hours and I was glad the boy was busy playing on his Ninetendo DS, so he did not bother us at all. Festival mall by 1pm and we had our lunch at Pancake House. I say, I really love their spaghetti and tacos! Vergil though opted to go light - heathy diet mode. By 4pm, I met with a business partner and friend, while the father and son went down to Pixie Forest and hit Data Blitz after.

It was a full Sunday and a fun one too, since we got to spend it together!

July 2010 BBS

It sure was a an exciting learning experience for all of us who seeks financial freedom and control of life!


Can't Get Enough With

This... Yellow Cab's Manhattan Meatlovers... and Brownies Unlimited's Krispie Brownies!! Dapat tapos na ako maglihi pero but parang lumala now? LOL


I actually got a lot on my plate today like calls to make, appointments to confirm and paperworks to finish. So much to do and so little time. I should hit the shower already and maybe go to a coffee shop so I could accomplish my tasks at hand. Miggy seems to enjoy bothering me every 15 minutes. LOL.

Anyways, I really like these onesies from Agobebe, a local online supplier for funky and statement infant and toddler apparel.

These safety blanket is a must on my shopping cart too....

Do I make the order now?


Silver Producers

We are in the May-June 2010 issue already of Amagram - New Silver Producers in the business!


Back Again?

Opppss... guilty as charged.

I've been very busy that for a long time, I was not able to update my blog. So many things happened already that I'll try to make a summary update of some important things that happened that will come to my mind. :-) Never mind the time frame of what came first or last.

1. Miguel started nursery already at Woodridge College and I am not sure if he's enjoying it???!!! Detailed update on that.

2. As of today, I am 5 months pregnant and it's a baby girl!! Wohooohooo!!

3. We had an amazing but bitin and me additional stress trip to Pattaya, Thailand last July 1-5. We are looking forward to our future trips especially the Hongkong Disneyland trip for Miggy. Pictures are posted already in my facebook account. Click here.

4. I am officially unemployed and enjoying every bit of it. Busy with our business but will be making some plans soon (e.g. enrolling in multimedia arts class). Need to earn for my DSLR first.

Will be updating you more...


High School Friends


They flew in for vacation. And I really have to see them, especially my high school bestfriends Maan, Garry and Mika!