I Want!

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Be A Hero

I was in my usual schedule Friday night, August 30. Got two appointments in the evening and we got home around 11:30 already. I did not feel anything wrong when I went to bed and I was surprise when I woke up around 5 am that my throat hurts. So I went down and made a saltwater gargle solution. I tried to go back to sleep but the pain was already throbbing and I felt it getting worse. Around 7am, the pain in my throat extended up to my ears and this time, the pain is already excruciating to the point where I can no longer talk nor swallow food. To make the story short, I was rushed at Asian Hospital 11pm that Saturday night, was diagnosed with tonsillitis and needed immediate operation since it is already swollen and white patches are all over it. Of course, they have to consider that I am pregnant and the safety of the baby and me is at utmost importance. I was brought to the OR 6am in the morning after so much needles and tests, put on sleep thru general anethesia and they drained the white patches (nana in tagalog). They did not perform tonsillectomy since I was pregnant but suggested after I gave birth to go through it. Around 11:30am I ws brought back to my room from the recovery area where I woke up and felt relief in my throat although there's pain from the operation. Doctors declared me and the baby is safe already.

The entire ordeal was so fast that I did not have time to react already. All I wanted was the pain to go away because it was killing me. I really appreciate my husband more for being so strong and supportive. He was alone the entire time, worrying about me and the baby, not to mention that we were not ready financially for the staggering hospital bills. But he kept his smile and loving eyes and told me not to worry because he'll take care of everything. Of course I can't help but get worried after I saw the bill because I am due with the baby November and all our resources are exhausted already. But you see, what I saw in my husband that day made me trust that everything will be ok. This is just a challenge where you just have to choose: will you think like a hero and act on it? or be like a victim - wallow and cry and feel like it's the end of the world.

My husband chose to be a hero. And with that, I chose to be one too. Side by side, I know we can go through this together.