New Moon

Of course, I had to see it on its opening day. I waited so long for this second installment. Too bad I was so stressed out with work and business that I failed to check on advance screenings.

It was worth the wait! Jacob Black is really something now. But of course, I am in love with Edward forever!

Can't wait for ECLIPSE!


Catching Fire

Finished reading the second book already. And I am soooo excited for the third book. I was disappointed though when I was informed that the final book of this trilogy is set to be released September 2010!!!


Nice Surprise

I was feeling low last Saturday.... overworked, stressed out and i was feeling sick. And my husband surprised me when he handed me out this book. I can't help but smile. Been wanting to buy this book and the Book 2: Catching Fire, but it was not part of my budget so I have to let it go for a while.

I am now wondering... when will he hand me out the second book. LOL

Thanks love!