Happy New Year

2011 was a really bumpy ride for us.

2012 was still bumpy.  But what made the big difference?

We surrendered everything to God.  We trusted Jesus to be our Lord and Savior!

He brought us peace and joy beyond understanding.
He taught us purpose and direction to begin with after we got up from the hits and knock downs of life.
He taught us gratefulness even for the smallest things.
He brought us blessings through other people.
He transformed us to become better persons in light of His righteousness.
He challenged us to rise up to His expectations of us.
He gave us the right perspective to what's really important in life.
He gave us the privilege and opportunity to serve Him.
He gave us the power to be a blessing to others.
He made us live life in view of ETERNITY.

We thank you Lord for the new life You gave us.  And this coming 2013, we are looking forward for the new things you are going to teach us, for the new blessings you are going to shower upon us.  Let You will reign in our lives as we strive to know you more and more.  Trials and challenges will be nothing next to your power, grace and mercy.

We love you Jesus.



As much as I know that God provides all we need and that we should learn to turn to Him and trust Him, I am still guilty of so many times when I forget to do just that.  Instead, I make hasty decisions without even consulting Him.

But there are times when I just pray and let my heart rest on His promise-

Matthew 6:34
Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.
Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Now, as I am reflecting on my reading today-  John 6: 1-15, where Jesus feeds fives thousand people - He once again confirmed to me that He is able to provide all that I need.  But I have to admit that whenever I think of Him as my provider, it is always in the area of my physical and emotional needs.  I never really pondered on the more important truth about Jesus.  He, being the bread of life that gives everlasting life.

John 6:51
I am the living bread that came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will leave forever.

Most of the time, I am bounded by wishing heaven here on earth, and I forget the truth that life here on earth will never be like heaven- even if I will be have all the money of this world.  There will always be emptiness of the heart, trials, and absence of peace in our minds.  It is only through Jesus that we come to know peace and joy beyond understanding, beyond material things... And living forever means joining Him to eternal life- where there will only joy and peace.

I need to always remind myself that life here on earth is a test.  And just like the classroom, there will be two results.  And I need to focus to work on passing- to do His will in my life and to live a true Christian life.


Christmas 2012

What's more important than spending time with the family- sharing good laughs, old memories, new stories and gifts to one another!

We've been blessed- Thank you Lord!


On Righteousness

Another wonderful truth I have come to learn about Jesus and what He did on the cross:

2 Corinthians 5:21
God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.

The Lord Jesus Christ, who live a sinless life, was tortured, rejected and put to an agonizing death on the cross, because of His love for us! And what happened on the cross was, God put all our sins on Him, he actually became sin, and He took Jesus Christ's righteousness and put it in all of us.  So that whenever we confess our sins, God do not see our sins in us, but the righteousness of Christ.

1 John 1:9
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. 

As I am pondering on this truth, I realized how God loves us.  I deserve to be on the cross for all my sins and yet, God sent His Son to become the perfect sacrifice so that I will become free from the slavery of sin and be reconciled to Him.  Imagine the impact of this truth:  Jesus Christ's righteousness is in me!  I may lived a whole life doing good works but I will never deserve such a privilege.  And yet God gave it to us, Jesus Christ shed His blood so that His righteousness will live in us.  God's grace is truly amazing! The sinless took all the sins!

I pray for the Holy Spirit to prompt me on this truth everyday.  I want to always remember this truth the next time I feel rejected or mistreated or criticized.  Because if our Lord, who lived righteous, sacrificed Himself on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins-  what reason do I have, a sinner, not to forgive others for the petty wrongs others may do to me? And also, since the righteousness of Jesus is in me, then this should motivate me to live on that righteousness.  And I know that God will give me the power and strength to do it.  I will stumble for sure... I still live in my sinful nature.  But that should not give me the excuse not to get back up and head to the way God wants me to take- to live righteous just as He has given us!

To God be all the glory!



Matthew 6:19
Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.  But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

My life before Christ had always been about pursuing treasures on earth rather than treasures in heaven.  Well, it had to be that way before because I really never give a thought about heaven  or eternal life.  And as the bible said, it was where the whole of my heart was- pursuing financial freedom and gaining all the material things I wanted for me and my family.  For someone who also never understood about investment in eternal life, it was a noble and reasonable goal and pursuit.  To work hard and leave a legacy of financial freedom to your family is what most of us see as SUCCESS.  My heart and my soul and my strength was into it.  I never cared much already about other things like time with God, with my family and my friends.  Well, I can have all the time in the world once I get the goal.

And then I met Christ, accepted Him as my Savior and surrendered my life to Him... He became my Lord, my King.  He showed me about eternal life and how foolish it was for me to be investing my whole life over my short time here on earth and neglecting eternity.  He made me realize that the right legacy I can leave to my children was not financial security but security in the knowledge and grace and salvation of God.  

Was it easy to just let go and change the whole of my direction 365 degrees?  

It was a struggle!  But you see, He made me see what is like to be a follower of Him and how faithful He is to His promises.  It was always me who is not faithful of surrendering everything to Him and trusting Him of His will and promises.  I am a work in progress...  I have surrendered many areas of my life to Him and still surrendering... 

For me, pursuing treasure in Heaven is understanding the will of the Father in my life and DOING HIS WILL.  And understanding His will is first seeking him and knowing Him.  Just as we are here on earth, you can never understand or trust someone if you don't know him/her.  Same with God, you will never trust your whole life to Him and seek and understand His will if you don't know Him- close and intimate.  Slowly, as I grew closer to Him, He is revealing His will in my life.  And I pray for strength, courage and wisdom to follow.

I pray that I may be able to store up for myself treasures in Heaven and have the courage to always give up pursuing treasures here on earth.  I pray that my heart will always be in the right place.


Merry Christmas!

This christmas will be the best so far! With the Lord in our hearts and the transformation we are going through everyday, I am pretty sure whatever happens, we are going to celebrate and be joyful and grateful!

Tree is up!


Maxene's 2nd Birthday


Sunday worship at CCF Alabang
Sumptuous lunch at home, cake blowing
Play at Kids Universe, MOA
Pizza and pasta at Uncle Cheffy, Two E-com Center, MOA

We were dead tired but we had fun!  Thank you Lord for the blessing, for sending Tita Gheng. :-)

My Mission In Life

It took me 33 years to finally realize what my real purpose in life is... it was a painful journey along the way.  But right now, I am joyful to have found it and finally move my decisions, my goals and aspirations around it.

My mission in life:

1.  To love God with all my heart, with all my soul, mind and strength.

2.  To be a Godly wife and mother.

3.  To disciple other married women and mother like me who will later on do the same to others.

As I have established them, I am praying to God that He give me wisdom on my goals and actions and strength to be faithful.

Slowly, I will move on to making a vision and then breaking them to small goals.  I am excited and positive that He will be there as I go along.  And I am more excited to be with Him at the end of this temporary life.

To God be all the glory now and forever.


I so love this song.  It keeps on reminding me of how the Lord keeps on healing and transforming me everyday.  

Thank you Lord for everything.  For calling me, for forgiving my sins and for loving me.  


My Purpose in Life

When you find your God given purpose in life, you feel peace and contentment.  You experience joy heading thru it despite the trials along the way.  Because God is with you.

John 14:16
You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit- fruit that last.

My purpose in life became cleared to me when I have come to know God-  to disciple people and bring them closer to Him.  What a privilege it is for me to be doing this for Him!  To be serving Him, I a sinner and once a lost sheep.

Thank you Lord for this and for the strength and help.


Humility Part 2

God really is in control of all things.  Once again He reminded me of that.  And yesterday,  I just smiled and prayed to Him because I knew in my heart that He was teaching me to be humble.  I just want to share you -

Yesterday, Vergil and I took the insurance licensure examinations at the Insurance Commission.  Prior to that, we had our training and we were handed out mock exams to review.  Since my college background is Accountancy, most of the terms in the training were not new to me.  Not true though for my husband since he is an Engineer.  Through the course of the preparation, I was laughing at him and I was jokingly bragging of my high score in the mock exams.  While he was having doubts of passing and was telling me that He will rely on God for this.  I was overly confident, he was nervous.

Exam time, I answered everything smoothly.  As I reviewed my answers, I noted that I have just 2-3 questions that I am not sure of.  The rest I know.  Vergil was halfway when I stood up and submitted my papers.  While we were waiting for the result, he admitted he was worried because he noted around 15 answers he was not sure of.

Result time.  He got 79%, I got 72%.  We both passed.  Passing is 70%.

I was shocked of my result.  I was sure I'd get not less than 90%!   Then my heart laughed - I knew it!  God was teaching me a lesson.  Although I prayed to Him before the exam - I relied on my own strength, I was confident.  He just showed me that He could have let me failed if He wanted to.  Because He is in control.  Another lesson- be humble!  I was laughing at my husband  but He got a higher score!!!  Hahaha!

God really teaches us everyday.  Even in small and harmless moments of our life, He is molding us.

I thank God for the valuable lesson He taught me yesterday.




Philippians 2:3-4
Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.  Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.

Since my greatest flaw is pride,  humility is far out in my character.  And this is one thing I always pray about.  That the Lord enable me to practice humility and become secure of who I am.  That He remind me everyday that I should be giving glory to Him and work on His approval instead of impressing men.  Most of my life was about who is the greatest - in school and work.  I focused on achieving more than the people around me.  I just had to be shining and rising above the rest.  I cannot be part of the average but I had to be one of the few.

But the Lord showed me that humility that speaks volumes.  He, being a God has taken the nature of a Servant and humbled Himself and loved us despite the rejections and mocking thrown at Him when He was here on earth.  He could have easily revealed Himself of His power - but He obeyed the Father's will.  Such a heart He also wants us to have.

I believe by God's grace, I will be able to develop the humility that the Lord wants me to have.  It will be a painful transformation, but the reward will be worth it!


Do Not Love The World

1 John 2:15-17
Do not love the world or anything in the world.  If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.  For everything in the world- the cravings of sinful man, the lusts of his eyes and the boasting of what he has and does- comes not from the Father but from the world.   The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.

I am a work in progress.  Before I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior,  I was arrogant and boastful.  I took credit of what I have accomplished and I am proud to let everyone see how I can control and achieve the things I want in life.  Until God humbled me through the trials and problems that was thrown my way.

 I became resentful and bitter.  I blamed others for what happened.  But God is good because he drawn me\
into the light and where He finally revealed to me why it had to be that way.  Now, I am more than grateful for what happened.  I found God and finally found a deep sense of purpose in life.

As I was spending my time with the Lord this morning, He reminded me to keep my path on the right track through the verse above.  Lately, I have kept a full schedule juggling being a mom and wife, an online store seller, a GLC student and reviewing for my upcoming license exams. And I skipped my morning coffee with Him since I can no longer bring myself up at 4:45 AM.  I am glad this morning, the Holy Spirit enabled me.

Here's one thing I discovered the past weeks.  Whenever I skipped my morning time talking to God and listening to Him through His word,  I am more prone to taking the easier way of life. I am more tempted to succumbed to my sinful nature and its desires.  My greatest flaw is my PRIDE, and from that it breeds envy, cravings for material things, arrogance and boasting. And I have been tempted by all that the past days and my heart is guilty.

I thank God that this morning He reminded me again to live according to His will and to live in light of eternity.

God is really great!



I became a work at home mom since my last employment at Palms Country Club.  I thought being such will be a bliss! Being able to dictate my own time and having the time to spend with my kids.  But it was not so.  There are many challenges that went my way.  One is not having the income that I used to have.  Another is no one to delegate other tasks to.  But you see,  I gave up a good career to pursue what I thought a valid and deserving dream of mine:  to be able to gain financial freedom and live a lifestyle of wealth and fame.  Then God had to discipline me and bring me back to the right direction.  He opened my eyes slowly to what direction He wants me to take.  Mind you, it is not something that is even close to what I've always wanted.  But I learned to surrender my life to Him and let go of the reigns.  Amazingly, amidst the trouble and hardship  of life, I found joy and peace.  And most of all, I found a deep PURPOSE.

I am a WAHM.  A Wotk At Home Mom.  And my boss is not myself anymore.  I am a servant of God.  And I am praying that I become a good and faithful servant all through out.  Deserving to be with Him in eternity.


Dear God

I pray for those affected by the rain and flood.  Strengthen them Lord and please bring them all to safety.  I pray for those who are risking their lives to save people and for those with kind hearts to sacrificially and lovingly shared for those who are in need. At these trying times, may your people call on you and learn to surrender their lives to you as their Savior and Lord.

Thank you Lord, that we are safe.  This is a time when I realize more how petty my problems are compared to what most are going through right now.  And I am grateful even more of your blessings.

We ask all of these in Jesus mighty name.



It was only the other day when I was feeling down and started to worry again about the future... pressure of problems was slowly creeping inside me.  The need to take control was shouting its way back.  Late that night, I cried out to God my worries and heartache. And He impressed upon my heart how much He loves me and that I need to trust Him and wait for His will in my life.  I calmed down at once and then started to count the many blessings I have.  And it dawned on me how petty was it for me to worry about something that is not even sure to happen.  Or to worry about the future when He told me that the worries of today is enough of its own.

Before  sleep took me, I opened my bible and this verses calmed me even more:

Psalm 116: 5-7
The Lord is gracious and rigtheous;
  our Lord God is full of compassion,
The Lord protects the simplehearted;
  when I was in great need, he saved me.

Be at rest once more O my soul,
  for the Lord has been good to you.

I again prayed for His will in my life and surrendered every thing to Him.


Wedding At Century Park Hotel

A night before there was a storm surge in Manila Bay where the stretch of Roxas Boulevard was flooded (w/ salt water and trash), we attended  Vergil's college friend Charles' wedding.  We thank God we arrived home safely that night.  The wedding ended around 11PM and the weather has turned from bad to worse.  As we drove along Roxas Blvd, there were knocked down trees and branches and there was no electricity.

Anyways, it was a great time for Vergil to be able to be with his barkada that night and I enjoyed it too!  And it was a romantic wedding.  I can really feel the love of the couple Charles and Michelle.

Some pics - courtesy of Yves Eli Yu (hahahaha! downloaded it w/out permission from his facebook account).  Thanks Yves!!
The couple Michelle and Charles


With friends and the couple


The boys 


If You Miss Your Quiet Time

Since January last year, I have learned to spend quiet time reading the bible.  Eventually, I learned to pray from the heart and talk to God.  And I am learning to meditate on His word.  I can attest of how powerful these times to affect the course of my day.  I can feel the presence of the Lord as I go through the day.

The past week had been busy for me, and I had missed my morning conversations with God.  That's when worry, pride, resentment starts to creep on me again big time.  And I felt no power to overcome it.

Now I know what happens when I miss my morning coffee time with the Lord.  It is time to get my priority straight.



First Day of Class-Orientation

Pleasing Everyone, Anyone?

I must admit, one thing I cannot tolerate is when I am criticized or corrected.  Not necessarily because of the criticism itself but now I realize that it is more of the fear that the person criticizing me is not pleased with me anymore.  I always wanted people to love me, admire me, accept me- and I will do anything just to maintain that.  And now I realized, it causes me unnecessary stress and frustration.

Because I cannot please anyone.

And that God loves me and that is sufficient.  Pastor Joby's post on his daily devotional about this had touched me and helped me understand more about this negative effect on me of trying to please everyone (see related post).

And the other day, God tested me about this. Anxiety and frustration overtook me over a mere question of what I did.  I just felt the person who questioned me is displeased with my work- that alone brought unpleasant feeling inside me that went on early morning yesterday.  I am not proud that it took me that long to do this: I humbly bowed down before God and prayed for his guidance and wisdom..  And then He impressed upon my heart that He loves me, and that is the most important thing.  And that pleasing Him is what matters the most. The anxiety went away at that instant.

And I felt peace.


Another Day With Friends

Food and swimming.  Never ending fun and laughter.  Day spent with our kids as well.

Thank you Lord for such a blessed day with friends!


My sweet Miguel

Ninong Arvin and Maxene

Ninang Alex

Ninong Roel and Cutee Josh

Miguel having so much fun

Josh having fun, too!

Awww sweet-  my little girl and daddy


Palms Friends

Met up with friends from Palms Country Club yesterday.  It was a joy to see them and get updates from them.  And at the same time, I feel guilty for all the times I was so busy and did not bother to meet up with them.  God is revealing more and more of what matters the most in my life.  I always thought and believed that financial freedom can give me anything I wanted for me and my family.  But  I was wrong.  And the more I surrender myself to God's will, the more I realized and see that the simple things in life can give me joy and peace and contentment because the Lord is with me.

Romans 12:2
Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is- his good pleasing and perfect will.


God is Faithful

If you've been reading my previous blogs, you will find that I have been struggling with God's command to be still and know that He is God.  (See related post)

I had been impatient and had to take control over some things.  But at the end of the day, I ended up frustrated, angry and  guilty.  As the the Lord had impressed upon my heart to be patient and to trust Him, I lifted up my cares away and learn from what He was actually teaching me.

And He is faithful to His promises!

As I stayed still and prayed and trusted in Him, everything just fell into place!  I could have saved myself from so much heartache and could have avoided angry bouts with Vergil if I had been obedient to His commands.

But I am grateful for the lesson it taught me.  The Lord really loves me as He never fails to give a lesson everyday on how to live a life that is worth the reward in heaven.

Glory to God and His Son Jesus forever!


Picture Books

One of my goals before the year ends is to organize, file and choose pictures I will be putting together in a picture book.  I am sold on ordering them already thru  PICTUREBOOKS.

Software already downloaded.  I'm gonna start with the pictures from our recent vacation.


Artsy Saturday

 It was supposedly finger painting activity alone.  But when Maxene saw how Kuya Miggy's "dirty" hands, she backed out.  Akala niya madumi yung ginagawa namin. Hahaha!

After our finger painting, I decided to we do another coloring activity with Maxene...

And updated another page of my scrapbook too...

I am still thinking of what to do next Saturday. Sticker time maybe.