Happy New Year

2011 was a really bumpy ride for us.

2012 was still bumpy.  But what made the big difference?

We surrendered everything to God.  We trusted Jesus to be our Lord and Savior!

He brought us peace and joy beyond understanding.
He taught us purpose and direction to begin with after we got up from the hits and knock downs of life.
He taught us gratefulness even for the smallest things.
He brought us blessings through other people.
He transformed us to become better persons in light of His righteousness.
He challenged us to rise up to His expectations of us.
He gave us the right perspective to what's really important in life.
He gave us the privilege and opportunity to serve Him.
He gave us the power to be a blessing to others.
He made us live life in view of ETERNITY.

We thank you Lord for the new life You gave us.  And this coming 2013, we are looking forward for the new things you are going to teach us, for the new blessings you are going to shower upon us.  Let You will reign in our lives as we strive to know you more and more.  Trials and challenges will be nothing next to your power, grace and mercy.

We love you Jesus.

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