Scrappin It!

I knew from the start the i have this "artistic" side of me that is waiting to be unleashed, but i was not really confident of it. It was only during my wedding preparation that i realized things i really wanted to do and enjoyed doing. Now, i am planning to get into wedding coordination biz and put up a one stop wedding shop where i'll be also displaying souvenirs i designed. Haven't started doing my samples yet but i already persuaded Vergil to drive me to Dapitan Arcade and Divisoria to look for raw materials. So, hopefully in two weeks time, ill be posting samples already! Hahahaha! Anyways, while waiting for that day, i decided to try scrap booking! Di pa ako mommy pero i'm into this stuff na, hehehehe! ... we'll practice na rin, right? And di lang naman mommies are into it. Made three pages already, here we go....

I really hope it's not bad for an amateur! Oh well, if it is, i'll do better on my next page. Hope so! Hehe...



Much have been said... much have been done. For the past years, i tried to psyche myself that i'm on the right track when it comes to my career. I've earned my points and still looking forward for more, but why do i still feel so empty? I thought slowly climbing up the corporate ladder will make me happy but i guess i'm wrong. I didn't want to entertain the truth... tried to forget about it, but it's still haunting me. Guess i can't ran away from it much longer... THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANT AND I CAN NEVER BE HAPPY... There goes my whole career collapsing in my mind. But at least, i feel better now knowing that i can no longer force myself to love something i never really wanted from the start. Oh well, i've nothing against being an accountant... it's just that it's not really my thing.... it's my dad's!

Realization stage done. Now comes the action stage. Where do i start? It's not that easy to give up my job... especially that i'm earning from it. I know my husband will support me of whatever that makes me happy, but still i have to accept the fact that my present job offers security and stability. But on the other hand, i know so many persons who have shift careers and became more successful. Well i guess i just have to take the risk and hold on to my belief that if you follow your heart... you can never go wrong.

Well i think this still requires a lot of thinking.... a lot of sleepless nights and prayers. But with God's blessing and my family and my husband's love and support, I will make the best decision.


A Lifetime Love

Every morning when i wake up, i find myself looking and smiling at the person beside me. Until now, i find it hard to believe that i already married that person i love so much. And i still feel dreamy over the fact that we'll be spending our lifetime together... that i already found my one and true love. Looking back on how we started, there was that time when i thought our's was not true. I was scared and unsure if what we felt for each other was genuine. But i still took the risk... and i believe it's worth the lifetime!