Miggy's Back at Lil' Fun Ranch

He surely enjoyed it! All the smiles, laugh and squeals.


Ilocos Trip July 2009 1

Here are some pics from our recent visit in Ilocos. We did not really drove around because of limited time and the weather was not all good at all because of typhoon Isang who left the place the day we arrived in Laoag. We actually spent overnight in Vigan because of the heavy rains.

These are random pics. Don't have time to arrange and organize them:

Bangui Windmills

Blue Lagoon Beach, Maira-ira, Pagudpod

The place is truly amazing, especially the view on top of the mountain where you have to pass going to the place. I regret not asking Vergil to stop so I could take a picture of the view.

Cape Bojeador (Burgos Lighthouse)

View is really magnificent on top. The crystal blue waters of China Sea.

Miggy riding a Calesa in Laoag City

Laoag City Bridge entrance

Stop over in Batac City for their famous empanada and miki.

Batac miki (forgot to take a picture of their empanada)

At Amway, Urdaneta, Pangasinan


Jomari Ann

We fondly call her Maan when we were in high school. She and Cathy are my bestfriends. Met Cathy, though, when we were already in college and Maan was my bestfriend throughout high school.

She left for Cayman Islands few years ago. I was supposed to be with her in 2005 when she made a job offer but I was already engaged then and I supposed I was not really into leaving Vergil and postponing the wedding plans. I knew she understood. I did not really thank her for coming to my wedding and did not have time to apologize for not being able to entertain her that day. But I really really appreciated the fact that she flew in, in time for my wedding. For many years now, we hardly talk. But when we do, we knew deep inside how much we understood each others thoughts and feelings. Our talks were always deep and inspiring. We haven't seen each other for long now, but deep in our hearts, we know how much we love each other. We haven't forgotten all the good times we had and the strength we put into each other during the bad times.

She's in Canada now. Studying. Enjoying life.

And she'll be coming home this December!

How I miss her! I can't wait!


Was not able to stay up for MJ's memorial service. Saw in the news about the 20 second heartbreaking moment c/o Paris Jackson. And for once, I saw Michael not the king of pop but the DADDY.

Got a copy of this...


There is so much to talk about my son. Well, bear with me but I am just a mom...

He had grown so fast... and I regret every minute of those times when I am not with him. I still want to be a full time mom... with the money to spend, of course. We are working hard on it.