Simple Joys: First Ligo sa Ulan Experience

It rained so hard the other day and I just felt the urge to let them experience how it is to enjoy the rain:

Summer 2014

It has recently dawn on me that summer is really over.  I am not talking about the heat though, because the rain every now and then does not seem to help lessen it. But I am talking about the activities we do when kids are on vacation.  No more out of towns at a whim, no more late night movies and dine out bonding (although we can do these still on Friday nights).  And no more late morning wake up call and brunch, except on a Saturday.

I am not a fan of summer because of the unbearable heat, but I love the carefree lifestyle it brings when every one doesn't  have to be pressured to wake up early because of school.  Early mornings is better when the house is quiet and I can enjoy a coffee and my bible or a book.  And we experienced 4 weeks of no house help (one month vacation in her hometown), and my mom staying for a while at my sister's place, so we were left alone to do everything.  It was hashtag- #sakitsakatawan #exhausted, but it was fun for all of us because we get to help each other and have the excuse to eat out because I do not have the time to cook! :-D

On June 9, the carefree mornings will officially be over.   But I thank God that we were able to make the most out of it.  Those special times we spent with our children were surely times they will treasure in their hearts.  I have received advise from many older friends who have grown up kids not to take these times for granted, because there will come a time when their world will no longer revolve around Mom and Dad, and we have to make sure we have invested times they will miss about us. And we always make it a point to create beautiful memories with them.

Sharing you some Summer 2014 memories: