It's official... our baby is coming!

Went for a check-up at Asian Hospital last saturday and i had my trans V ultrasound... grabe!!! we were so happy when we saw our baby in the screen! Hahahahhaa! Super liit pa nya! And when we heard the heartbeat... wow! Super saya ng feeling! So, confirmed... i'm 7 weeks and 6 days pregnant!!
Hay.... i'm already experiencing discomforts but it's ok... just thinking the our baby in on the way... nawawala lahat ng hirap ko. I really hope the baby will remain healthy....

Hayyyy...sana May 2007 na. Hahahahha!!!


Thoughts on my baby

Whenever tin (my bestfriend) talks about the joys of motherhood... about her lovely daughter kaitlyn, i can just see in her eyes the happiness it brings to her. And i always wonder about the joy she's trying to tell me. Now, i'm going to have my own "kaitlyn" na rin eh i'm so excited! I promised myself i'm gonna give her/him all the things i wasn't able to have when i was a child. I will nurture him/her with love, affection, care and attention. I will make him/her feel secure. I will tell him/her everyday how much i love him/her. I will be sensitive of him/her needs.

I will be a good mother and he/she will be proud of me!


Missing Tootsie

When we learned that i am already pregnant... Vergil and I decided na iuwi muna si Tootsie sa province coz baka daw mapaglihian ko coz i was so fond of her. Hehehehe! Well, eventhough i really don't believe in the "mapaglihian"stuff, i wouldn't want din naman to compromise our baby... besides, wala namang mawawala except the fact that i'm missing our dog so bad na. Haaayyyyy! Vergil promised naman that we'll get her back pag nalagpasan ko na yung stage ng paglilihi ko... so that would be 3 mos pa!

I really miss playing with Tootsie....



We're going to have a baby :-)

Two weeks delayed...

Bought pregnancy kit...

And the result....


We're going to see a doctor tomorrow!

Hmmnnn... i don't really know what to say...


Tootsie :-)

Our super kulit but super cute Tootsie. :-)