Thoughts on my baby

Whenever tin (my bestfriend) talks about the joys of motherhood... about her lovely daughter kaitlyn, i can just see in her eyes the happiness it brings to her. And i always wonder about the joy she's trying to tell me. Now, i'm going to have my own "kaitlyn" na rin eh i'm so excited! I promised myself i'm gonna give her/him all the things i wasn't able to have when i was a child. I will nurture him/her with love, affection, care and attention. I will make him/her feel secure. I will tell him/her everyday how much i love him/her. I will be sensitive of him/her needs.

I will be a good mother and he/she will be proud of me!

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sheng said...

im so excited for you.... congratulations....im sure you will be a good mom.