Michael Jackson

The music... the legacy... will live on.


N21 Weekend Seminar 2

Our mentors- Tito Mar and Tita Nel

With the our mentors in Australia and the WES main speakers- Gad and Melissa

Me and hubby

Business team

Me and hubby again

Business team

Father's Day

We left PICC at around 5pm already last Sunday. We decided we still have time to go out with the little boy to celebrate Father's day. So off we went to SM Southmall. Miggy and Vergil got a ride-all-you-can ticket at Tom's World.
Anyways, here's a pic of Miggy's gift to his dad-- from his Art activity in his class at Toddler's Unlimited last Saturday. Cute di ba?

Daddy and son at Tom's WorldEnjoying their own private moment.


N21 Weekend Seminar

June 20-21, PICC Reception Hall
Main Speaker: Amgad and Melissa Ghabrial (Australia)

We had a great weekend! As always, the N21 environment has given us lots and lots of fun, wisdom, learning and experience. Highlight is - WE GOT 15 MINUTES PERSONAL COUNSELLING WITH MELISSA AND GAD!!!

Can't really describe the feeling while were talking to such successful people! It's really really different when you get to talk to people like them.

Here are some pics:

Gad Ghabrial, our double diamond mentor from Australia

Ilocos team

Melissa Ghabrial

Me and the hubby

Vergil saying yes to CEP

Will post more pics shortly.


Deeper Meaning of Success

No outside success can compensate for failure in the home.
- David O. McKay

I always thought success is climbing up the corporate ladder. And I can't blame myself of thinking so because I was raised with the belief that for me to be successful, I needed to study hard and graduate from college and then get employed by a good company and work my way up. And I did just that. Only to find out that life on career top is never as glorious and satisfying as I thought it would be. The title and the pay can never compensate the stress and sacrifices you have to make.

I became frustrated. I had no way out. What had broke my heart more is the fact that the sacrifice included the time with my then barely one year old son and my husband. My work became a priority... the sad thing is it was a choice I made... involuntarily. As much as I want to enjoy the money, the power and the glory - I was not happy nor satisfied at all. I longed more to become a better mother to my son and a better wife to my husband. I knew i was looking for a deeper meaning of success.. a deeper purpose.

An opportunity came. It was a blessing. And I realized I already have a choice.

I chose to become the best mom and wife. And many questioned the decision I made.

It was the right decision. Soon they will understand.



Miggy At Kailtyn's Swimming Party

June 7, 2009
BR Resort, Antipolo City

The lil' boy had so much fun!


We've gone a long way together. From the "kilig" and loud shrieks over our college crushes, to the joys and tears of our first loves, to the moment we said our "i do's" to our lifetime partners, to the joys of motherhood... the list will go on. And our friendship will continue its journey.

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. ~Elisabeth Foley

We may not see each other often now, but we both knew we are always there for each other. That whenever things don't go the way we want them to, we have each other to turn to.

Thanks for the friendship tin!



Share the wisdom

Eversince, I am really into reading- whether it be books, magazines, flyers etc. You can call me a geek, nerd or whatever but I really believe it is in reading where you grow on thoughts and wisdom. Many successful people give credit on reading good books and features as part of their success habits.

That is why when we learned of the education system being part of the business we are currently growing- I was hooked! The recommended books are really really great and associating ourselves with successful people had grown us, and had helped us develop the same way thinking as they are.

And so I vowed today to share a part, if not the whole, of the knowledge, principles and wisdom I got from all those books I've read. It may or may not help each one of you, but the SHARING of it will mean a lot to me.

And it will also be a great journey to me, having to emphasize such gift of wisdom and knowledge, applying them to my everyday life and activities.

“The man who doesn't read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them” - Mark Twain



Twilight On MTV Movie Awards

Ok. Twilight was awarded the best movie in the recent MTV Movie Awards. And while I am a self-confessed Twilight addict, I cannot really agree with the results. I mean, a win over Slumdog and Dark Knight??!

But then what can I expect? Edward Cullen sure has a lot more screaming and voting fans than the gameshow genius or the batman.


But I am pretty happy for the whole cast for bagging a number of awards. And the movie trailer is just great that I am feeling so impatient for the movie release on November 29! I am definitely getting the premiere night tickets!

And one more thing, I think I am having a change of heart. Jacob Black is HOT! Check out the trailer here to know what I mean.