Deeper Meaning of Success

No outside success can compensate for failure in the home.
- David O. McKay

I always thought success is climbing up the corporate ladder. And I can't blame myself of thinking so because I was raised with the belief that for me to be successful, I needed to study hard and graduate from college and then get employed by a good company and work my way up. And I did just that. Only to find out that life on career top is never as glorious and satisfying as I thought it would be. The title and the pay can never compensate the stress and sacrifices you have to make.

I became frustrated. I had no way out. What had broke my heart more is the fact that the sacrifice included the time with my then barely one year old son and my husband. My work became a priority... the sad thing is it was a choice I made... involuntarily. As much as I want to enjoy the money, the power and the glory - I was not happy nor satisfied at all. I longed more to become a better mother to my son and a better wife to my husband. I knew i was looking for a deeper meaning of success.. a deeper purpose.

An opportunity came. It was a blessing. And I realized I already have a choice.

I chose to become the best mom and wife. And many questioned the decision I made.

It was the right decision. Soon they will understand.


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