Random Happenings

I was so busy last week that I failed to update my blog of some things happening around. And I really don't have that much time to blog everything in details now. So here are some updates:

* We celebrated our 3rd year anniversary (April 22) with a dinner at the newly opened The Sizzling Pepper Steak at Festival Mall Alabang. We were supposed to go to Mingoy's Restaurant at ATC but we settled on trying the new place. Plus, we did not have much time to celebrate coz I needed to pack for our 5 day Ilocos trip.

* We left the house around 6am (April 23) for our super long trip to Ilocos. We made a stop at our in-laws place in Tarlac to visit and drop some stuff needed for Miggy's party on May 2.

* There were so many road construction when we got to Ilocos Sur that made our trip longer than usual. We arrived in Laoag around 8pm already.

* We didn't really went out and visit the tourist spots since we've already seen them when we visited the last time. We just brought Miggy to Fort Ilocandia Beach to enjoy the water and sea breeze, then we visited Museo Ilocos Norte. Of course, as always, we enjoyed the Ilocano food- empanada, Batac miki, pinakbet, tinuno, bagnet etc.

* My father threw a party for Miggy for his 2nd birthday. It was supposed to be a family dinner since Miggy will be already throwing a party at my in-laws place on May 2. But my father insists on throwing one.

* We met with our business mentors Tita Nel and Tito Mar and our team leaders during the IBOO.

* Met with some high school friends.

* Went back to Manila early morning of Monday. Dropped by in Candon to visit my mom's cousins and Tarlac to visit Upline Lota.

* It was a good 5 day vacation as we found the time to bond (me, Vergil and Miggy) with the family. We had enough rest and relaxation. And we would certainly go back and this time we would roam around na.

Will post some pics later.


Another Twilight Collection

Grabbed his impulsively while I was buying some office staff at National Bookstore. It was kinda cheap so it didn't hurt me at all. But I was disappointed with the content... and even the paper! But then it will have it's own space in my twilight collection.

The good news though is - the BORDERS Twilight DVD will be coming in next week already and I'm excited!

Quick Lunch

After fetching me from office, hubby and I decided to treat ourselves with a good lunch at Festival Mall. And we agreed to enjoy some good ribs!

Best ribs in town?

Vergil busy checking the latest sports news in his phone.
Me waiting din...

It wasn't long wait though.

It was a full and satisfying lunch.


I'm Addicted

I actually got to start watching the first season when I was pregnant with Miggy, but got bored and so I stopped. Lately, Vergil started to watch and I did too. And I finally got to the interesting parts so I am now hooked! We finished the first season during the Holy Week vacation and we hope to start season 2 over the weekend.

GQ Cover - who would you choose?

The Twilight sexy vampire against High School Musical's hearthrob.

I need not say my choice.


On Attitude

"We may not have a choice about what situations we find ourselves in, but we do have a choice about the ATTITUDE we bring into the situation. And that ATTITUDE can change the over all experience and outcome." - Sam Glenn
This is something that I really need to work on. I have promised myself from this day on to start the small steps in building a better me. And this is where I start. You see, my short patience and temper always puts me in a negative mood. Not so good situations always brings out the worst in me coz I never really try to think before I react. I always choose to react badly and never pause and see the lighter side of the situation.
Simply put, my negative emotions rules and not my logical mind.
I guess I'll be a work in process for a while. But at least I've already come into terms that my attitude needs a major overhaul!


Something for me and the hubby and the little boy

I needed to unwind a bit while waiting for Vergil. He met with his friend at ATC. Decided to window shop. Felt I deserve to spend something for the three of us:

For miggy

For me. I didn't not plan on buying the items but I saw the Baby Couture is at 50% off sale and I just cannot let it pass. Got the bag at a very cheap price. The flip flops... I was only planning to get one for Miggy but my feet was dead tired from window shopping and I felt I needed a pair.

For me and Vergil. Been looking for the book The Five Love Languages for a while now and was glad to have found an audiobook of it instead. Since we are currently on building business teams, got the other one... it might give us some good insights.

That's all. Don't have enough $$ to spend. But we are working on that. LOL.

Holy week vacation

Our Manang Irene invited us to spend the holy week at her brother's condo at The Fort. We agreed to go since our plan of going to Ilocos was cancelled. Our vacation was spent strolling in Bonifacio High Street, dinner and lunch at nearby restos (breakfast consists mostly of noodles, hotdogs and bread), visit at the nearest church- Sanctuario de San Antonio, Season 1 of Heroes, and a brief swim at the condo's pool.

Here are some pics:

Condo's entrance

My brother Rowel, my sister Badette and Manang Irene
Me and miggy

Miggy with daddy and Lola Irene

Along BHS

At the pool

Me and my brother
Miggy showing something to daddy


I'm Grateful

There are are times when we are faced with challenges in life that we feel like everything is falling apart. It is but a normal reaction, but not healthy at all. It is hard to stay optimistic when everything around seem to be falling on the wrong place... but you really got to. It is only when you remain strong that you will get to see the brighter side of what it seems a dark moment in your life.

My life is not perfect. Every now and them I stumble upon problems that can cripple me if not for the conscious effort on my part to remain calm and see what's good such challenges can give once I overcome then. And what helps me do that?

By being GRATEFUL.

You see, I have so many things to be grateful about that being put infront of hardships and problems is nothing as compared to what was already given to me. And of the many things, this is on top of my list:

My husband Vergil and my son Miguel.

I feel so blessed to be given such an understanding, kind and faithful husband. I admit that I am not always the perfect wife to him. I have my faults but he always understands. There are those times when I know I am being unreasonable and yet he finds the heart to say sorry to me just to patch things up. For him, pride is never a problem, as long as we are ok. Lucky me, right?

And our little boy? So cute and charming. Miggy was never a cry baby. He always has that smile for everyone and he loves saying Hi even to strangers. He seldom throws tantrums and he barely cries. Very receptive and active. Anyone can love him the moment he flashes those innnocent smiles.

Just thinking of them, I really feel blessed already!

For many people, when problem comes, they act as if it's the end of the world and they feel like they are doomed. I was like that once. But I learned to count my blessings and see things I should be grateful about. Do this and you will find that whatever worries or challenges that is bugging you now is nothing as compared to what was already given to you... and this will give you strength and hope.

So, start to list down things you are grateful about. And be thankful about it.


Blog your way to income

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