Something for me and the hubby and the little boy

I needed to unwind a bit while waiting for Vergil. He met with his friend at ATC. Decided to window shop. Felt I deserve to spend something for the three of us:

For miggy

For me. I didn't not plan on buying the items but I saw the Baby Couture is at 50% off sale and I just cannot let it pass. Got the bag at a very cheap price. The flip flops... I was only planning to get one for Miggy but my feet was dead tired from window shopping and I felt I needed a pair.

For me and Vergil. Been looking for the book The Five Love Languages for a while now and was glad to have found an audiobook of it instead. Since we are currently on building business teams, got the other one... it might give us some good insights.

That's all. Don't have enough $$ to spend. But we are working on that. LOL.

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