I'm Grateful

There are are times when we are faced with challenges in life that we feel like everything is falling apart. It is but a normal reaction, but not healthy at all. It is hard to stay optimistic when everything around seem to be falling on the wrong place... but you really got to. It is only when you remain strong that you will get to see the brighter side of what it seems a dark moment in your life.

My life is not perfect. Every now and them I stumble upon problems that can cripple me if not for the conscious effort on my part to remain calm and see what's good such challenges can give once I overcome then. And what helps me do that?

By being GRATEFUL.

You see, I have so many things to be grateful about that being put infront of hardships and problems is nothing as compared to what was already given to me. And of the many things, this is on top of my list:

My husband Vergil and my son Miguel.

I feel so blessed to be given such an understanding, kind and faithful husband. I admit that I am not always the perfect wife to him. I have my faults but he always understands. There are those times when I know I am being unreasonable and yet he finds the heart to say sorry to me just to patch things up. For him, pride is never a problem, as long as we are ok. Lucky me, right?

And our little boy? So cute and charming. Miggy was never a cry baby. He always has that smile for everyone and he loves saying Hi even to strangers. He seldom throws tantrums and he barely cries. Very receptive and active. Anyone can love him the moment he flashes those innnocent smiles.

Just thinking of them, I really feel blessed already!

For many people, when problem comes, they act as if it's the end of the world and they feel like they are doomed. I was like that once. But I learned to count my blessings and see things I should be grateful about. Do this and you will find that whatever worries or challenges that is bugging you now is nothing as compared to what was already given to you... and this will give you strength and hope.

So, start to list down things you are grateful about. And be thankful about it.

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