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I love to talk about anything under the sun with my friends. But with our busy schedules, we seldom have the time to sit down and update each other. And we found out about blogging. And this had become our way of letting each other know the latest in our lives, our hearts and thoughts. And then came an opportunity for bloggers to earn thru their blogs. What used to be a plain journal became an income earning opportunity.

So what is blog advertising?

You see, in the world of advertising where a certain product or service is being promoted to increase sales or preference for the product, word of mouth is one of the effective method. When one person talks about a good experience over something, whether a good movie, a great product etc., and that person highly recommends it, it is not surprising that the other person receiving the recommendation will likely to try it, too. Blog advertising is the same way, bloggers are hired to review and post opinions about an advertisers websites, products or services in their blogs so that readers following the blog will get to know about it. And most likely visit or try the products and services. For bloggers, they will be paid for each posts approved.

So if you are like me, who loves to blog anyway, why not earn from it? And for advertisers who needs a better way of promoting their product, why not let bloggers promote your products? Be part of Paying Post. Paying post brings advertisers and bloggers together to our blogs making an opportunity for both parties to explore each others opportunities.

So bloggers, start your way to income!

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