Study Room Makeover In Progress

For weeks now, I just had to give Miguel's study space a major lift up!  For a sanguine student like him and a sanguine mommy like me, his old study space is a major NO NO!

Just want to share.  It's still a work in progress-  

This is what it looks like before the make-over--- yikes!
Initial touches done

I still need to put shelves and add color to the area... and a wall organizer too...



2013 CCF Leadership Conference

Conference details:
Make Him Known- 2013 CCF Leadership Conference
Where: CCF Alabang
When:  February 22-23,2013

Our bag kit
Mini folder

Inside the mini folder

Inside our bag

I will post some insights on the conference next.  It was a great blessing to be there!



Graduation Photoshoot

Time flies so fast!  We are already on our last module for our GLC Level 2 course at CCF! And last night, we had our graduation photo shoot.  Too bad there was no behind the scenes picture taken.  I was not able to ask Vergil to take one.  Hopefully, they will give us a copy of our graduation photos.

There's still so much to do though- our GLC testimony, our graduation one liner and we still have 3 classes to go and our project writing on the last day.  But I thank God for enabling us to finish the course.

I will post my GLC testimony here once done.



Letting Go

This song speaks much of the day I met the Lord.  Before that, I was already feeling the deep emptiness inside me that fame, wealth, and power cannot fill.  But it was until He had broken me down that  I sought him out.  And I am so grateful that He allowed me to draw close to Him.

I've learned to let go of my fears and doubts, but most importantly control of my life-  my dreams, aspirations, my plans.  I have let him take control of what He wants me to do.  I want to obey Him and wait patiently of His perfect plan for me.

Many did not understand what I did.  Being a full time mom and wife when I have all the ability to make it in the corporate world bothered people close to me.  I, myself was bothered too, and hesitant, especially that we had to struggle financially after a series of major financial problems.  But in many ways, He told us to trust Him and to obey.

Surprisingly, despite the major adjustment from having a lot to having just enough to spare, I feel peace and joy and contentment.  Although there are times when I am tempted to want more-  God has a way to remind me to focus on what's eternal and not temporal.  To focus not on my short stay on earth but the very long ETERNITY.




Our Maxene was not feeling well the past days and she was always crying.  Before our worship service at CCF yesterday, she requested Daddy to bring her to Timezone with all the tears and sad face.  Vergil just had to say YES!

So off we went after the service-

My Sanguine Miguel

He's growing so fast, I want to cry.


Valentines Day

Brush Brush Brush

I got no problem with them (Maxene and Miggy) wanting to brush their teeth every after meal.  The thing lang is, most of the time if I let them do it on their own, they brush less than the ideal amount of time/minutes needed to ensure clean teeth.  

Good thing I discovered this light and timer toothbrush by Firely at Watson's.  Now they know they will need to brush their teeth until the light goes off.  Yipeee!  And they are definitely having fun too!

Enjoying their light up toothbrush :-)


Her First Bus Ride

Vergil was not available to drive me to pick up my Forever 21 items yesterday so I had to take a bus.  And I  decided to take Maxene along for her to experience to ride a bus.  I was surprised that she enjoyed it very much and had to ask me that we take the bus again going home.  Too bad I don't have a camera with me to document that moment.  My phone does not take decent pictures and I am not into bringing along camera whenever I go out ( I am now seriously considering getting a phone with a decent camera for such moments).

Next goal is to let her experience riding the MRT.  Kuya Miguel had been requesting for this also.   I'd better sit down and make a schedule and get a thumbs up signal from the big boss!


Full Time Mommy

I've been very busy.  For practical reasons, we decided to let go of our yaya and I will take over taking care of the kids, the husband and the house. :-)

It is very tiring, but very very fulfilling!  Humbling I can say since it is far different that what I used to do in the corporate world.  At the house, I am the servant, not the boss.  But I am so willing to do it for my husband and kids.  And for God.

I hope to post more the next days to come.  I am slowly adjusting to the hectic and tiring schedule.