Letting Go

This song speaks much of the day I met the Lord.  Before that, I was already feeling the deep emptiness inside me that fame, wealth, and power cannot fill.  But it was until He had broken me down that  I sought him out.  And I am so grateful that He allowed me to draw close to Him.

I've learned to let go of my fears and doubts, but most importantly control of my life-  my dreams, aspirations, my plans.  I have let him take control of what He wants me to do.  I want to obey Him and wait patiently of His perfect plan for me.

Many did not understand what I did.  Being a full time mom and wife when I have all the ability to make it in the corporate world bothered people close to me.  I, myself was bothered too, and hesitant, especially that we had to struggle financially after a series of major financial problems.  But in many ways, He told us to trust Him and to obey.

Surprisingly, despite the major adjustment from having a lot to having just enough to spare, I feel peace and joy and contentment.  Although there are times when I am tempted to want more-  God has a way to remind me to focus on what's eternal and not temporal.  To focus not on my short stay on earth but the very long ETERNITY.


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