The Choice: His Will

I can say the offer for me to go back to corporate life is tempting... especially the position (power) and money.  Before I saw the offer, I am somewhat decided on what to choose, but when I actually saw it - I had nagging doubts.  My mind keeps on playing already on what I can buy or pay with the money.

But I prayed hard for the Lord's wisdom.  This time, I want to do His will and not mine.  I also discussed this to people dear to me, especially my husband.

I've been out of the corporate for almost 3 years already. And one thing I did not enjoy was not having a regular amount of income. But being with the kids most of the time is just one thing I really loved the most.

As I was meditating and praying on this... I really felt more and more at peace with my decision to move forward.  I got out of the corporate because I want more out of life - to have more time with my husband and kids and be there for them for most of the milestones in their lives.  And I took the risk already by deciding to get out-  I felt it was not a time for me to give up. And since I felt more peace already and the temptation is not that strong anymore-  I know it is God's will for me to already move forward and pursue my purpose in life.

I really thank God because my direction is now clear to me.  And I really look forward into discovering more and more of His promises and what is best for me according to His will.

I've never felt really more excited about life than now.  Amidst all the problems and hardships - I feel peace, love and contentment.  That is really the power of accepting Jesus - the Spirit starts to live in you.



Praying for Wisdom

I am a little bit confused now and asking for God's guidance.  I don't want to decide without His intervention.

The corporate offer is very tempting.  But I am now given the opportunity to start putting up something that would give me more time with my family, especially the kids.

Need to really pray for this.  Help me Jesus.


I've been praying about this.  And God never really fails to give to those who ask.  I've already learned to ask for God's guidance in every decision that I was going to make.  And true enough, when he gives you peace in a decision, it is the right decision.  And I have never felt more at ease.

I am really excited and looking forward for the next days to come.


God's Gift

I attended my first bible class last night for me to learn the bible in the right way.  It has been my resolution to know more about God and Jesus and to get intimately dependent on them. Now it has become my pursuit.

And I learned last night that it is God's desire for us to have Eternal Life and Abundant life.

John 3:16  For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal live

But we are separated from Him because of our sin problem.  That is why depending only to ourselves, on what we can do will not give us God's love and grace and gift of eternal life.  It is only by our strong faith in God that we can receive His grace.  How do we make such a strong faith out of us?

John 14:6  Jesus said: I am the way, the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.

Jesus has told us himself that He is the ONLY way that we can get through God.  And accepting him, believing in Him and knowing Him will give us the Eternal Life God made available for us.

These truths are really liberating for me.  And it is now giving me light to the right path of what is really my purpose in life.

And I thank the Lord God and Lord Jesus for all the trials and hardships that had humbled me.  It had made me came seeking for Him.

And I am experiencing now so much peace in my heart amidst the problems and trials.  Because I have Jesus in me and He will never forsake me.

Praise God for giving us Jesus our saviour!