Don't Kill The Messenger

While we were on our way to a business convention last Saturday, a John Maxwell audio cd was playing in the background. I was not intently listening to it although I was catching some important points along the way. There was one point though that stucked to me and made me realize how odd it is that most managers or bosses do such and never realize that it gives them minus point on their leadership effectiveness.

"Do not kill the messenger of the bad news."

Most often than not, bosses tends to bite at their staff whenever bad news is being delivered to them. They do not realize that the bad thing is the news itself and not the person. But their negative reactions, their anger and frustration, makes them go on and lash at the person who delivered the news. So how would they expect the staff to to act on a problem that the boss should be aware about the next time?

Separate the problem from the messenger. Focus on the problem itself. You not only gain your staff's respect and trust, but the ability to act positively on the problem.