It's Here!

My Twilight Illustrated Movie Companion is here! Thanks to my brother who bought it for me in Canada.

And to my luck, I saw yesterday that the Director's Notebook is already available at Powerbooks. I'm glad I didn't order from an online seller, or else it would have cost me 1.7k when the price is only 685.00. But I have not bought it yet... did not have enough money with me yesterday when I saw it. Hehehehe! I hope it's still available over the weekend!


Miggy's New Love

I am going to pack away (over the weekend) the tent and balls we gave him last Valentines because the little boy has its own new obsession:


Boyet Fajardo

This issue had taken the headlines for the past days. Not that Mr. Fajardo is such a big name in the fashion industry (didn't know him not until this issue came out) but the ridiculous scene he created at the Duty Free Philippines. What he did was really outrageous and he should be ashamed that he's ill character was broadcasted all over the Philippines! And his excuse of acting in that manner was very immature and absurd. Who is he to have the right to ridicule, cuss and threatened people who are but doing their jobs? Much more demand the person to kneel or let him slap the person's place to appease his rage?

Mr. Fajardo sure know how to kill his own business.

Too bad.

See the video of the incident here.


The Real Chikatime is Who??

It never really occured to me that he (or she) is Chikatime!!! So what was it? He criticized his own self just to shy away the personalities bombarded by the site of the idea that he might be involved?

Hmnnn... he sure has a creative way of putting down friends and revealing their trash!

See the whole story at Victorina's blogsite.


Twilight Movie Companion

I just got a call from my brother in Canada and he already got this for me:
I just can't wait for him to arrive in Manila!

Thank you so much brother!


Borders Exclusive Edition

After finishing the Special Edition Copy I got from Odyssey, I am now wondering of my Borders Exclusive Edition. More packed with extra features and of course the photos! I really don't mind paying that much for it. Hahahaha! Sana April na!

Got It

Got my copy last night. While we were having our dinner at Congo Grille in Westgate, I was so excited to get home that I thought that triggered my upset stomach. Hahahaha! So I had to hit the bed immediately. I woke up around 2am, my excitement on the DVD still present, so I got my brother's portable DVD and popped in the special features disc. Went back to sleep at around 430am already. Hahahaha! Truly a Twilight fanatic!

Hmnnnn, I need to get the poster framed!



I wanted so bad to see all the inclusions in the Twilight DVD so I decided to run to Odyssey (with my mother) around 11am this morning to get my reserved copy. To my dismay, there was a delay in the delivery of the DVD's and they were to arrived after lunch. Since we did not plan on eating lunch in the mall, me and my mother decided we just go home after buying some stuff we need. And I thought it would have been nice now to be spending my birthday watching the 2 disc special.

I just called the store now and the copies had just arrived. Haaay.... I am thinking of going now but the heat outside is untolerable. Guess I need to wait for hubby to drive me to Festival. And I am already starting to get impatient. Hahahaha!

And I wonder about my Borders Exclusive Edition DVD... just can't wait to get my hands on it!

I am sure I am going to stay up late tonight!



I'll turn 30 tomorrow... not bad coz I've reached the age with a loving husband and a beautiful son.

I still have no plans for tomorrow though. Except that I decided to file a leave from the office. Hmnnn, I'm not sure really of what to do. Maybe I will just rest and watch DVD at home, or bring Miguel to the mall and do some shopping and then dinner with the family and late night Starbucks date with hubby.

Oh, I will need to get my Twilight DVD copy tomorrow at Odyssey. Which means I'd be spending two hours for the movie. Hehehehe!

I haven't really made plans for the day and I think it's a bit late of making plans for an out of town trip. Especially that I did not request hubby to file a leave from work.

What can you suggest?


Sad News

My husband informed me about the sad news thru text message yesterday. At first, I can't seem to figure out who was he talking about.

Until I came to realize that he was talking about his friend Obet. The friend I haven't met in person yet... and now I will never will. He died Sunday night or maybe Monday morning. They say he died of "bangungot".

I knew him to be the kindest of my husband's La Salle circle of friends. That is what my husband is always telling me about him. And it's so ironic that we were just talking about him on our way home from Batangas last Sunday.

So sad... but I know he's in peace with God now.


Canyon Cove

We left the house at around 8am and fetched Rhea, a friend and an officemate, at SM Molino. We then proceeded to Nasugbu via Silang route. We arrived 2 hours later. The sun is already up and well and the whole place is scourging hot! Miggy was so insistent on getting into the water already so I changed him immediately into his swim wear and put on his sunblock.

The place is ok compared to other resorts. This was supposed to be an exclusive beach club but they opened it to the public last year, if I am not mistaken. But they still sell membership share, condotel and residential houses. Hopefully two years from now I can already afford to buy a share. (*wink) I was impressed though with the infinity pool. The beach is just ok. Of course I am really biased with the beach since I grew up in Ilocos and the beaches there have a wide shoreline and nice dark, or in some areas, white sand (Pagudpod).

The one thing though that disappointed me is their food. Because I was under the impression that membership club's one important selling point is good food and so I was expecting a sumptous meal with the kind of food price they have. But I was sooo disappointed that I was just eating my food to survive the day. You can't even rely on the presentation. And the restaurant was just unimpressive. The ambiance made the food even worse.

Although we did enjoy. I mean just watching the husband and little boy enjoying the water is no less than happy with me. I just wish still that I had enjoyed the food. Since I was not into swimming, I mostly relied on the food and shopping part for my enjoyment whenever we go to resorts.

Here are some pics:

We left the resort around 5pm, stopped by at RSM Lutong Bahay for a sumptous meal - bulalo, sisig, tawilis and mangga and bagoong, then headed home. We were all tired that the moment our backs had hit the bed, we were in deep sleep. In fact, we left the little boy still sleeping this morning and he just woke up when I called around 9am from the office.

Well, it was a tiring but happy weekend.

March Manila BBS

Date: March 14, 2009
Venue: PICC Media Center
Speakers: Nixon and Camella Guzman

It was once again a life changing and success lesson packed event. I really am thankful for being part of the business organization. The success principles, attitude and personal development we learn from it is too much of a bonus... aside from the income we get. I can really say it is such a blessing for us.

me and the husband

our business mentors tita nel and tito mar with the some members of the team

the hubby and leo, one of our team leaders


The Secret

I saw the video copy of this a year ago when I was given a copy by our business mentor. I watched it and was amazed of what I learned from it. What I did wrong is I never practiced and mastered any of it. Although I am unconsciously applying some of the principles, it never was enough for my life to take a 360 degrees turn.

And I saw it again last night. The only difference from that of a year ago is that, I am already decided to pursue my dreams and goals in life this time. Which will only mean that I have to put everything to work, for me to finally travel the direction where my dreams are already impatiently waiting. You see, I have so many things I want in life that I have to admit sometimes I keep them aside because I have too many excuses of not having them... like time and money constraints, my job, my boss, the people around me and mostly I myself. But I already got tired of blaming everything and everyone else.

And I have the principles and things to do to make my dreams a reality so why shoud I have excuses still when everything is laid out upon me and all I have to do si follow them?

So what's The Secret?

The Law of Attraction.

Simply put, you attract what you think or feel. If you feel bad about anything that is happening in your life and you just simply think it is your life and you have no choice... then you're attracting the same negative things. And vice versa.

We may say it is really hard to exude positive thoughts and feelings when circumstances around you is otherwise. But hey, it's possible right? All we have to do is make that choice. Either to nurture the bad feelings or choose to make yourself feel good. There are a lot of thoughts and activities out there that can take us out of our own misery. Like listening to a good song, thinking of happy memories or things we love etc. It is always a choice... on whether we see the bad things in everything that is happening in our life or we dwell on the positive side.

There's more principles and processes for us to master the law of attraction. The thing is they are not hard to do... it's really more on making the decision to do it that is keeping us.

As for me, I vow to apply them now... and master them until it becomes a habit. And I am confident everything else will follow...


Random Thoughts

I got a little time to spare... at least I got a small breathing space and time to blog amidst work and the business. And I am thinking now of a lot of things!

Well it's a good news the they already started the production for the Twilight Sequel: New Moon. The cast are already being seen all over Vancouver. Here are some pics I got from a Twilight forum I frequent:

Rob Pattinson is HOT as ever!


We will have our department outing this coming Sunday at Canyon Cove in Batangas. I'm glad we are allowed to bring our family so I really don't have any reason to butt out. It will be a very tiring weekend for me though. On Saturday we are going to our Business Building Seminar at the PICC.


Miggy's last session at Toddlers Unlimited will be this Saturday already, but I think we will enroll him again for the Saturday Playgroup this summer which will start on April 18. So he wouldn't really say goodbye. But I still have to consult with the husband though. But I'm pretty sure he'll say yes. Miggy enjoys going there so much that his daddy won't be able to say no. LOL. Well, we surely are facing the toddler's antics nowadays. As much as I am amazed on the things Miggy can do now, I am at the same getting hysterical that he might get hurt climbing, pulling and pushing everything. Plus there are times when I get frustrated when he is talking to me and trying to tell me something and he gets frustrated too coz I just don't seem to get it! Hahahaha!

Positive thought of the day: Whatever I am or I have now is the result of the decisions I made in the past. So if what I want is different from what I am or I have today, then I might as well make decisions now that will surely carve the way to what I want to be and have in the future!


Last night, we were at Starbucks Allegro in Pasong Tamo Ext. Makati to do a follow-up with a former officemate. Well, it really is very refreshing to talk to someone who has an open mind and has dreams and is not contented with what life is offering her for now. I just hope she makes the right decision to pursue her dreams for herself and her family. I would surely love to grow with her as a great leader in the team.


My brother will be arriving (from Canada) soon in time for my nephew's (his son) graduation who is graduating Valedictorian in his class. Oh wow, that kid surely got the brains from me. Hahahahaha! We are most likely going to spend the Holy Week in Ilocos so I got to start doing our Itinerary soon enough.


Hopefully I will get to buy myself a new phone over the summer or earlier. You see, I am really contented with my ever reliable and cheap Nokia 1100. But I must admit, its features is not helping me now with my busy schedule. I need in my hand an all in one gadget that can serve as my phone, organizer, computer and document viewer. And I think I gonna go with this Samsung i780 if budget permits.


Here are some few things I would need to accomplish as soon as I get out of my corporate job (which will mean we are already Platinum in the business):

  1. Go to Hongkong and shop. Disneyland for Miggy of course.
  2. Enroll in driving school.
  3. Buy a laptop (The husband always brings with him our laptop so I think it would be best to have my own).
  4. Buy an LCD tv.
  5. Buy a home theater.
  6. Re-decorate the house. Shop at Bo Concept or Ikea.
  7. Go the the following places: Bohol, Palawan, Davao and Cebu.
  8. Treat the whole family to an out of town trip.
  9. Go to Belo.
  10. Salon and Spa treat.
  11. Spend two nights at Bed and Breakfast Boutique in Tagaytay.
  12. Enroll in Multi Media Arts class.
  13. Try photography which includes owning a good camera.
  14. Enroll in Interior Design.
  15. Buy all the Twilight Merchandise I want.
  16. Pay all our loan and card debts.


Twilight DVD

I got a text message las Friday afternoon from Odyssey in Festival Mall informing me that I can already reserve for the 2 disc Twilight Special Edition DVD and it will only cost me Php 750.00. As soon as I dropped Miggy in school last Saturday morning, I headed fast at the Odyssey store and made reservations. And to my excitement, a theater size poster will come with the DVD when you reserve early. Yipeee!

I'm sure the husband will not understand why I reserve for a copy at Odyssey when I already ordered the Border's Exclusive Edition. Hahaha! But then, the Border's edition will be coming in around April pa and I just can't wait for it when I know a copy of the DVD is available na locally. Besides, my Borders Edition will be part of my collection, while the Special Edition will be for viewing purposes. Hahahaha!

And oh, super timing coz the release of the DVD at odyssey will be on March 20 which happens to be my birthday! Can't wait!!


Usual Weekend

Until now, I don't have a house help so I got no choice but to do the general cleaning of the house. Well, it's not really that hard for me since I enjoy doing it. Hahaha! Cleaning is one of my therapy aside from shopping. At least this one doesn't cost me a cent. LOL

Well, what should I accomplish today?

1. General cleaning (house)
2. Bring Miggy to school (Toddlers Unlimited).
3. Sent the Twilight (Borders Edition) DVD payment.
4. Reserve for the Twilight DVD, ordinary disc at Odyssey.
5. Pick-up Miggy
6. Go to ADC (Amway Distribution Center) in Makati.
7. Find a good swimwear for Miggy.
8. Reserve Miggy for summer Saturday playgroup at TU.
9. Clean and organize neatly our document files.
10. Canvass for a good business phone.

Aggghh... so much to do!


Can't Hardly Wait

Yipeee! A good online buddy amd fellow twilight addict (thanks pauline!) helped me find someone who I can order this Twilight DVD from Borders.

Price is quite steep compared to the ordinary two disc copy, but hey, it's my birthday! Hahaha!

See DVD details below:

The Borders-Exclusive Edition comes with these exciting additional features:

Special Bonus Disc, Which Includes:

• Exclusive Twilight Cast Interviews with Kristen Stewart (Bella) and Robert Pattinson (Edward)

• Exclusive Twilight Cast Interviews with Cam Gigandet (James)

• Exclusive Twilight Cast Interviews with Edi Gathegi (Laurent) and Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria)

• Exclusive Red-Carpet Interviews from the Twilight Movie Premiere

• Exclusive Never-Before-Seen Red-Carpet Footage! Includes extra interview footage with Kellan Lutz (Emmett), Ashley Greene (Alice), rock band Paramore, and Nikki Reed (Rosalie)

• Exclusive Borders Book Club: Stephenie Meyer talks about the Twilight Saga

• Audio commentary by Catherine Hardwicke, Kristen Stewart, and Robert Pattinson

• Muse music video: "Super Massive Black Hole"

• Paramore music video: "Decode"

• Linkin Park music video: "Leave Out All the Rest"

• Five extended scenes with director introductions• Five deleted scenes with director introductions

• Seven-part documentary: "The Adventure Begins: The Journey from Page to Screen"

• Comic-Con "fandom" piece

• Comic-Con NY sizzle reel

• Three trailers

• Penelope trailer

Exclusive Photocards10 exclusive photocards are printed on a gorgeous pearlescent paper to give a dramatic sparkly effect—the perfect way to view your favorite vampires

Hopefully, it will arrive in our doorsteps by April.

Can't wait!


Attitude Kicker








Got the these again from Sam Glenn's A Kick in the Attitude. I already typed and printed this in a small paper and it is now conveniently posted in my monitor. Well this is such a good guide for me on checking if am doing things that would improve my attitude.


Terrible Two's Solution

Miggy will turn 2 by April this year. But for months now, he is already so makulit and irritatingly lovable! We can only really sit down and rest when he is sleeping. You can just imagine how it is when he is awake. He runs around the house, throwing things as he passes from one area to another. Sometimes he pulls the dining table runner and everything crashes down while he laugh and giggle watching me cry in horror! The OC-ness in me is at test nowadays while I try to reconcile with the fact that my son is already at the stage where I can't really keep my house in an orderly state. LOL!

But I must find a way to at least keep him calm while I fix and clean up.

And tadddaaann!!!

The ever reliable portable DVD of my brother! Hehehehe!

As soon as he is already bored with his Barney DVD, everything's spick and span already and before he goes on and release a hurricane in the house again, we are off to the mall! Hahahaha! How glad I am that our new house is very near SM Southmall!

Here's what he usually looks like after our mall trip:

At least we can still catch up some zzzz's also before he wakes up and start turning the house and me upside down!