Usual Weekend

Until now, I don't have a house help so I got no choice but to do the general cleaning of the house. Well, it's not really that hard for me since I enjoy doing it. Hahaha! Cleaning is one of my therapy aside from shopping. At least this one doesn't cost me a cent. LOL

Well, what should I accomplish today?

1. General cleaning (house)
2. Bring Miggy to school (Toddlers Unlimited).
3. Sent the Twilight (Borders Edition) DVD payment.
4. Reserve for the Twilight DVD, ordinary disc at Odyssey.
5. Pick-up Miggy
6. Go to ADC (Amway Distribution Center) in Makati.
7. Find a good swimwear for Miggy.
8. Reserve Miggy for summer Saturday playgroup at TU.
9. Clean and organize neatly our document files.
10. Canvass for a good business phone.

Aggghh... so much to do!

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