Canyon Cove

We left the house at around 8am and fetched Rhea, a friend and an officemate, at SM Molino. We then proceeded to Nasugbu via Silang route. We arrived 2 hours later. The sun is already up and well and the whole place is scourging hot! Miggy was so insistent on getting into the water already so I changed him immediately into his swim wear and put on his sunblock.

The place is ok compared to other resorts. This was supposed to be an exclusive beach club but they opened it to the public last year, if I am not mistaken. But they still sell membership share, condotel and residential houses. Hopefully two years from now I can already afford to buy a share. (*wink) I was impressed though with the infinity pool. The beach is just ok. Of course I am really biased with the beach since I grew up in Ilocos and the beaches there have a wide shoreline and nice dark, or in some areas, white sand (Pagudpod).

The one thing though that disappointed me is their food. Because I was under the impression that membership club's one important selling point is good food and so I was expecting a sumptous meal with the kind of food price they have. But I was sooo disappointed that I was just eating my food to survive the day. You can't even rely on the presentation. And the restaurant was just unimpressive. The ambiance made the food even worse.

Although we did enjoy. I mean just watching the husband and little boy enjoying the water is no less than happy with me. I just wish still that I had enjoyed the food. Since I was not into swimming, I mostly relied on the food and shopping part for my enjoyment whenever we go to resorts.

Here are some pics:

We left the resort around 5pm, stopped by at RSM Lutong Bahay for a sumptous meal - bulalo, sisig, tawilis and mangga and bagoong, then headed home. We were all tired that the moment our backs had hit the bed, we were in deep sleep. In fact, we left the little boy still sleeping this morning and he just woke up when I called around 9am from the office.

Well, it was a tiring but happy weekend.

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