Twilight DVD

I got a text message las Friday afternoon from Odyssey in Festival Mall informing me that I can already reserve for the 2 disc Twilight Special Edition DVD and it will only cost me Php 750.00. As soon as I dropped Miggy in school last Saturday morning, I headed fast at the Odyssey store and made reservations. And to my excitement, a theater size poster will come with the DVD when you reserve early. Yipeee!

I'm sure the husband will not understand why I reserve for a copy at Odyssey when I already ordered the Border's Exclusive Edition. Hahaha! But then, the Border's edition will be coming in around April pa and I just can't wait for it when I know a copy of the DVD is available na locally. Besides, my Borders Edition will be part of my collection, while the Special Edition will be for viewing purposes. Hahahaha!

And oh, super timing coz the release of the DVD at odyssey will be on March 20 which happens to be my birthday! Can't wait!!

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