I wanted so bad to see all the inclusions in the Twilight DVD so I decided to run to Odyssey (with my mother) around 11am this morning to get my reserved copy. To my dismay, there was a delay in the delivery of the DVD's and they were to arrived after lunch. Since we did not plan on eating lunch in the mall, me and my mother decided we just go home after buying some stuff we need. And I thought it would have been nice now to be spending my birthday watching the 2 disc special.

I just called the store now and the copies had just arrived. Haaay.... I am thinking of going now but the heat outside is untolerable. Guess I need to wait for hubby to drive me to Festival. And I am already starting to get impatient. Hahahaha!

And I wonder about my Borders Exclusive Edition DVD... just can't wait to get my hands on it!

I am sure I am going to stay up late tonight!

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