The Secret

I saw the video copy of this a year ago when I was given a copy by our business mentor. I watched it and was amazed of what I learned from it. What I did wrong is I never practiced and mastered any of it. Although I am unconsciously applying some of the principles, it never was enough for my life to take a 360 degrees turn.

And I saw it again last night. The only difference from that of a year ago is that, I am already decided to pursue my dreams and goals in life this time. Which will only mean that I have to put everything to work, for me to finally travel the direction where my dreams are already impatiently waiting. You see, I have so many things I want in life that I have to admit sometimes I keep them aside because I have too many excuses of not having them... like time and money constraints, my job, my boss, the people around me and mostly I myself. But I already got tired of blaming everything and everyone else.

And I have the principles and things to do to make my dreams a reality so why shoud I have excuses still when everything is laid out upon me and all I have to do si follow them?

So what's The Secret?

The Law of Attraction.

Simply put, you attract what you think or feel. If you feel bad about anything that is happening in your life and you just simply think it is your life and you have no choice... then you're attracting the same negative things. And vice versa.

We may say it is really hard to exude positive thoughts and feelings when circumstances around you is otherwise. But hey, it's possible right? All we have to do is make that choice. Either to nurture the bad feelings or choose to make yourself feel good. There are a lot of thoughts and activities out there that can take us out of our own misery. Like listening to a good song, thinking of happy memories or things we love etc. It is always a choice... on whether we see the bad things in everything that is happening in our life or we dwell on the positive side.

There's more principles and processes for us to master the law of attraction. The thing is they are not hard to do... it's really more on making the decision to do it that is keeping us.

As for me, I vow to apply them now... and master them until it becomes a habit. And I am confident everything else will follow...

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