Random Thoughts

I got a little time to spare... at least I got a small breathing space and time to blog amidst work and the business. And I am thinking now of a lot of things!

Well it's a good news the they already started the production for the Twilight Sequel: New Moon. The cast are already being seen all over Vancouver. Here are some pics I got from a Twilight forum I frequent:

Rob Pattinson is HOT as ever!


We will have our department outing this coming Sunday at Canyon Cove in Batangas. I'm glad we are allowed to bring our family so I really don't have any reason to butt out. It will be a very tiring weekend for me though. On Saturday we are going to our Business Building Seminar at the PICC.


Miggy's last session at Toddlers Unlimited will be this Saturday already, but I think we will enroll him again for the Saturday Playgroup this summer which will start on April 18. So he wouldn't really say goodbye. But I still have to consult with the husband though. But I'm pretty sure he'll say yes. Miggy enjoys going there so much that his daddy won't be able to say no. LOL. Well, we surely are facing the toddler's antics nowadays. As much as I am amazed on the things Miggy can do now, I am at the same getting hysterical that he might get hurt climbing, pulling and pushing everything. Plus there are times when I get frustrated when he is talking to me and trying to tell me something and he gets frustrated too coz I just don't seem to get it! Hahahaha!

Positive thought of the day: Whatever I am or I have now is the result of the decisions I made in the past. So if what I want is different from what I am or I have today, then I might as well make decisions now that will surely carve the way to what I want to be and have in the future!


Last night, we were at Starbucks Allegro in Pasong Tamo Ext. Makati to do a follow-up with a former officemate. Well, it really is very refreshing to talk to someone who has an open mind and has dreams and is not contented with what life is offering her for now. I just hope she makes the right decision to pursue her dreams for herself and her family. I would surely love to grow with her as a great leader in the team.


My brother will be arriving (from Canada) soon in time for my nephew's (his son) graduation who is graduating Valedictorian in his class. Oh wow, that kid surely got the brains from me. Hahahahaha! We are most likely going to spend the Holy Week in Ilocos so I got to start doing our Itinerary soon enough.


Hopefully I will get to buy myself a new phone over the summer or earlier. You see, I am really contented with my ever reliable and cheap Nokia 1100. But I must admit, its features is not helping me now with my busy schedule. I need in my hand an all in one gadget that can serve as my phone, organizer, computer and document viewer. And I think I gonna go with this Samsung i780 if budget permits.


Here are some few things I would need to accomplish as soon as I get out of my corporate job (which will mean we are already Platinum in the business):

  1. Go to Hongkong and shop. Disneyland for Miggy of course.
  2. Enroll in driving school.
  3. Buy a laptop (The husband always brings with him our laptop so I think it would be best to have my own).
  4. Buy an LCD tv.
  5. Buy a home theater.
  6. Re-decorate the house. Shop at Bo Concept or Ikea.
  7. Go the the following places: Bohol, Palawan, Davao and Cebu.
  8. Treat the whole family to an out of town trip.
  9. Go to Belo.
  10. Salon and Spa treat.
  11. Spend two nights at Bed and Breakfast Boutique in Tagaytay.
  12. Enroll in Multi Media Arts class.
  13. Try photography which includes owning a good camera.
  14. Enroll in Interior Design.
  15. Buy all the Twilight Merchandise I want.
  16. Pay all our loan and card debts.


Jessica said...

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Kimberly said...

I really like your random thoughts! Especially the positive one. Very insightful. Thanks for stopping by my blog I am glad that you like it!