I became a work at home mom since my last employment at Palms Country Club.  I thought being such will be a bliss! Being able to dictate my own time and having the time to spend with my kids.  But it was not so.  There are many challenges that went my way.  One is not having the income that I used to have.  Another is no one to delegate other tasks to.  But you see,  I gave up a good career to pursue what I thought a valid and deserving dream of mine:  to be able to gain financial freedom and live a lifestyle of wealth and fame.  Then God had to discipline me and bring me back to the right direction.  He opened my eyes slowly to what direction He wants me to take.  Mind you, it is not something that is even close to what I've always wanted.  But I learned to surrender my life to Him and let go of the reigns.  Amazingly, amidst the trouble and hardship  of life, I found joy and peace.  And most of all, I found a deep PURPOSE.

I am a WAHM.  A Wotk At Home Mom.  And my boss is not myself anymore.  I am a servant of God.  And I am praying that I become a good and faithful servant all through out.  Deserving to be with Him in eternity.

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