Wedding At Century Park Hotel

A night before there was a storm surge in Manila Bay where the stretch of Roxas Boulevard was flooded (w/ salt water and trash), we attended  Vergil's college friend Charles' wedding.  We thank God we arrived home safely that night.  The wedding ended around 11PM and the weather has turned from bad to worse.  As we drove along Roxas Blvd, there were knocked down trees and branches and there was no electricity.

Anyways, it was a great time for Vergil to be able to be with his barkada that night and I enjoyed it too!  And it was a romantic wedding.  I can really feel the love of the couple Charles and Michelle.

Some pics - courtesy of Yves Eli Yu (hahahaha! downloaded it w/out permission from his facebook account).  Thanks Yves!!
The couple Michelle and Charles


With friends and the couple


The boys 

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Viviene Tan said...

First, of all I want to congratulate the couple. And I know that in Century Park Hotel where you can enjoy to celebrate weddings. Thanks for sharing this and I refer this to my friend.