Humility Part 2

God really is in control of all things.  Once again He reminded me of that.  And yesterday,  I just smiled and prayed to Him because I knew in my heart that He was teaching me to be humble.  I just want to share you -

Yesterday, Vergil and I took the insurance licensure examinations at the Insurance Commission.  Prior to that, we had our training and we were handed out mock exams to review.  Since my college background is Accountancy, most of the terms in the training were not new to me.  Not true though for my husband since he is an Engineer.  Through the course of the preparation, I was laughing at him and I was jokingly bragging of my high score in the mock exams.  While he was having doubts of passing and was telling me that He will rely on God for this.  I was overly confident, he was nervous.

Exam time, I answered everything smoothly.  As I reviewed my answers, I noted that I have just 2-3 questions that I am not sure of.  The rest I know.  Vergil was halfway when I stood up and submitted my papers.  While we were waiting for the result, he admitted he was worried because he noted around 15 answers he was not sure of.

Result time.  He got 79%, I got 72%.  We both passed.  Passing is 70%.

I was shocked of my result.  I was sure I'd get not less than 90%!   Then my heart laughed - I knew it!  God was teaching me a lesson.  Although I prayed to Him before the exam - I relied on my own strength, I was confident.  He just showed me that He could have let me failed if He wanted to.  Because He is in control.  Another lesson- be humble!  I was laughing at my husband  but He got a higher score!!!  Hahaha!

God really teaches us everyday.  Even in small and harmless moments of our life, He is molding us.

I thank God for the valuable lesson He taught me yesterday.


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