Pleasing Everyone, Anyone?

I must admit, one thing I cannot tolerate is when I am criticized or corrected.  Not necessarily because of the criticism itself but now I realize that it is more of the fear that the person criticizing me is not pleased with me anymore.  I always wanted people to love me, admire me, accept me- and I will do anything just to maintain that.  And now I realized, it causes me unnecessary stress and frustration.

Because I cannot please anyone.

And that God loves me and that is sufficient.  Pastor Joby's post on his daily devotional about this had touched me and helped me understand more about this negative effect on me of trying to please everyone (see related post).

And the other day, God tested me about this. Anxiety and frustration overtook me over a mere question of what I did.  I just felt the person who questioned me is displeased with my work- that alone brought unpleasant feeling inside me that went on early morning yesterday.  I am not proud that it took me that long to do this: I humbly bowed down before God and prayed for his guidance and wisdom..  And then He impressed upon my heart that He loves me, and that is the most important thing.  And that pleasing Him is what matters the most. The anxiety went away at that instant.

And I felt peace.

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