My Mission In Life

It took me 33 years to finally realize what my real purpose in life is... it was a painful journey along the way.  But right now, I am joyful to have found it and finally move my decisions, my goals and aspirations around it.

My mission in life:

1.  To love God with all my heart, with all my soul, mind and strength.

2.  To be a Godly wife and mother.

3.  To disciple other married women and mother like me who will later on do the same to others.

As I have established them, I am praying to God that He give me wisdom on my goals and actions and strength to be faithful.

Slowly, I will move on to making a vision and then breaking them to small goals.  I am excited and positive that He will be there as I go along.  And I am more excited to be with Him at the end of this temporary life.

To God be all the glory now and forever.

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