Shopping Personality

I accidentally bump into Female Network site's "What's Your Shopping Personality" quiz and took it. Now I am more convinced that it is a must that we increase our bottom line figure in our financials. LOL.

Here's the result:

You’re a Romanticist!

You’re known as the “impulsive buyer.” Emotions run wild while you shop, and, more often than not, you let them make the decisions for you. You think that a knockout piece is worth the purchase just because it’s one-of-a-kind, but do keep tabs on how much you spend and how much money you still have in your bank acco


A treat or two once in a while is a good thing, but having treats too frequently might burn holes in your wallet. Do try to make a monthly budget, and allocate money to priorities like food and commuting or gas expenses as well as rent and utilities. Keep in mind that you also need to save up for the future—who knows, you may be able to afford more big-ticket items if you hold out for something really special.

Incidentally, these are really good flops for a preggy mom from Fit Flipflops:

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