Recent Week

Got this allergy attack for 6 days already but I am feeling better now. This is what I hate the most when June is kicking in coz this is also the time when my most hated allergic rhinitis starts to pay a visit. Antihistamines surely kills my day.

So what happened over the weekend?

**Almost every one I know has gone crazy over Hayden Kho's sex videos. Ask if they have a copy and they surely have- in their PSP's, cellphones, laptops and USB. Then they talked about who's really the victim over the whole mess. Here's my thought: Hayden Kho doing a video of his sexcapades is not really abnormal. Coz if it is then I think a lot of our male population are abnormals, right? Cut the crap of claiming saint. The wrong thing about it, though, is its release to the whole populace. That was supposed to be for personal viewing of the owner. But nonetheless, I pity the women (Katrina Halili, Maricar Reyes and the unnamed Brazilian model) in the movie clip. I am sure they are soooo embarassed and traumatized by its release.

**I presented the business plan Saturday night at our business partner's place. Almost all his guest were his co-borders in the second floor. Watching them kidding around and throwing funny comments on each other reminded me of my "ladies dorm days" during college. I remember wishing I had my own place then, but the fun, nightly girl talk and gossip and the many shoulders to cry on, made me think otherwise. It was a good 4 years stay- I learned a lot.

**I am getting hooked with Twitter! I surely love following updates from people I am interested in- Ryan Seacrest, Brian Gorrell, Jordin Sparks, Larry King and many others. I just wish though that friends will start twitting too. It would be lots of fun!! To all my friends: register now and follow me - http://twitter.com/m_gracebel :-)

**Read in the net about Hayden Kho's mother accusing Katrina of luring his son to use drugs. Now the PDEA is already in picture. This sure is getting uglier every second!

**Hope I'd be able to update often. Been busy with work and our business. Will post some thoughts soon.


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