I have not uploaded the part 2 of Ilocos trip yet. I was so busy. Last May 1, we were off again to Tarlac for Miggy's bday party at our in-laws house the next day. We left few minutes after the party coz I needed to do some work in the office the following day.

And I became really busy....

You see, when Miguel came to us, my perspective, my priority changed. I knew I was not after a career anymore. What I really wanted was to take care of my husband and son and still have the lifestyle I want and the money to spent.

And deep inside me, I was looking for options. Glad to have found it though.

I can't imagine myself being this busy at work until age 65 when I have the choice to spend such time taking care of my loved ones.

I am smiling now... I can see the future ahead of me. And it's gonna be one hell of an exciting life!

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