Full Weekend

It was a very hectic weekend.
We attended our May Business Building Seminar at the PICC Media Center last Saturday followed by an early dinner with the team at Singkit in Harbor View. As always, I felt good being with positive and excited people once again. The seminar's empowering environment and our speaker's inspiring talk never fails to give me the best perspective of life, the power to dream high and big and the hope that a great life is coming ahead. The business had really tested how committed we are into reaching our goals in life- and I never give the credit to myself for holding on- I give the credit to my husband who's always there for me, our business mentors, our LOS, and our N21 family.
I changed my Sunday off sched to accomodate the Saturday function, so I had to report to work for half day. After lunch, me, hubby and Miggy headed off to SM Molino with a friend and her son to attend a Tom's World Event. Went home around 4pm, took a quick nap and then met with our business mentors Tita Nel and Tito Mar for counselling.
I was dead tired when we got home around 9pm.

Here are some pics over the weekend:

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