Weekend Etc Etc

Hubby is doing the start-up with our new team member so I am left with the laptop and Seattle's Best free wi-fi! I'm glad Twitter is up and running already, was afraid this morning's downtime will take a while.

Now I'm blogging!

Was lying in our bed and looking idly at the window of our room when I noticed a bird's nest settled so nicely in the next room's aircon iron grills. No wonder I always hear birds chirping in the morning. Didn't know we have boarders in the house. Hmmnnn... they should pay a rent! Hahahaha!

I am really glad for my brother's portable DVD! At least Miggy and I can settle comfortably in bed and hang out without the jumping, throwing and running all over the place.

And of course, thanks to Barney for never failing to make my little boy happy!

After a round of Barney, the boy got bored already and so did I! SM Southmall is just around the corner and off we did!

Miggy loves the drums...

Loves the ball too...
I wonder if he will become a drummer or a basketball player?

I think the court pays more. LOL

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