In His Presence Day 2

What truth I have learned:

  • Understand the God is in control.  If we want to have calm within, cease striving from the worries, anxieties and frustrations inside.  
  • Spend time listening to God through his Word.  
  • Nourish our soul.  Feed the one that tells us to please God.
  • Surrendering to the Lord is not about giving up, but giving in to His love, grace, destiny, blessings.
  • The deepest cry of the soul is REST.  The deepest longing of the soul is PURPOSE.  The greatest need of the soul is RE-ALIGNMENT.
I am blessed to once again learn from His words.  I am a living testimony of how God's grace and love can calm your heart amidst all the trials and hardships of life.  

God bless us all! 

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