Sad But Grateful

Just logged in to check for any new update from Tina Tagle's blog... it is now readers by invitation only from the owner of the blog.  Buti na lang nabasa ko na all of her entries... kaso no more updates.


But well, I have things naman today that I should be grateful about:

1.  My husband and my two cute kids- they are healthy and well
2.  I am in great health
3.  I arrived at my appointment safe and result is positive
4.  I have my mother and brother to look after my kids while I am out of the house
5.  I ate and was full
6.  Free wifi here at Amway center - coffee machine is out of order though
7.  My brother lent me his netbook- our notebook is too mabigat for me to carry around
8.  My husband booked a BBS ticket last night
9.  Our business mentors
10. I am growing to be a better person everyday

How about you? What are the things you're grateful today?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you actually liked her blog??
you never saw through that woman?? you know her personally? she isn't actually truthful you know. i am a wife and mother too. i don't write about grievances or loneliness or just "stuff" for everyone to see...i have siblings & besties for that..not a blog...everyone seems to love her while we who know who she really is are cringing in our chairs reading all the praises of people like you that don't even know her....