Make Time For Special Memories

Our children our growing oh so fast and we can't help it!  I still remember when Miggy was still in playschool and Maxene was just in her crib.  But now, my eldest son is already in Grade 1 and my daughter will be entering nursery by next school year! How time really flies!

Many parents I know who have grown-up children always tell me to make the most out of our kids childhood because there will come a time when they don't want to spend time mostly with us anymore.  They will already have their friends and they will have their own activities.  How glad I am that God has given me the opportunity to become a Work At Home Mom (WAHM).  You see, it came a point early last year that I already wanted to go back to my corporate life.  I was offered a good job and salary, but God told me to do otherwise.  And I trusted Him.  And you know what? He never failed to provide... and as I waited for His plan for us, He definitely gave us a better deal!  I am a living testimony of the truth that when God don't answer you prayer or  tells you to do otherwise even if we think that we already have a better plan, it means that He has so much better in store for you! If I had accepted the offer to work full time again, I surely will spend more time in the office than with my husband and kids.  And I won't have the opportunity to make the most out of our children's childhood days.

I thank God also for my husband- that He has given him a job that gives him enough time to be with us.  Enough time to lead the family, to have fun, to create beautiful memories.  We want the kids to remember their childhood days as Mom and Dad in a picture of fun, beautiful, meaningful memories spent together.  We want their minds to be filled up with childhood days spent mostly with Mom and Dad.  Memories that when they grow old and get tired from their own activities, they will miss those times and they will want to spend more time with Mom and Dad.

Today, we don't find time to spend with them, we MAKE time.  Every opportunity that we can be together, we take it - grocery time, exercise, simple work errands, ALL WEEKENDS, mealtime, bath time, brush time, movie time etc.

And so I have to document every simple, special memories with them-

Haircut is family time

Here's Maxene with Ser Chief while Kuya is having his hair cut

Milk tea time- after dinner dessert

Playing around the house

Movie time with Dad

Weekend lunch

Weekend breakfast delivery

Game time

Church time

Timezone Time

Lollipop time (once a month only!) while waiting for Dad at the doing a work related purchase 

Mcdo time (favorite after worship meal time ni Kuya)

Mcdo time with Dad

Ride time
One of the many weekends

Wilcon visit

mcdo uli

Breakfast at Mcdo

Milk tea

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