My job always puts me into a point where I am tempted to compromise and decide for the the easy way out.  But since I became a Christian, the Holy Spirit had installed a mega phone on my conscience that made it so loud I cannot ignore.  Even the smallest sin (by the way, I learned that there is no big or small sin with God- you lie and you murder, it's the same- you sinned against God), puts me into a wreck because I know that I offended God.  I would surely go straight to hell if not of God's love and grace through the death and resurrection of my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

This morning, as I read chapter 6 of the Jeremiah, this verse came so powerfully that gave me a clear direction on what to do when I find myself in the crossroad -

Jeremiah 6:26

This is what the Lord says:

  " Stand at the crossroads and look;
         ask for the ancient paths,
    ask where the good way is and walk in it
        and you will find the rest for your souls."

The Lord speaks to me-

1.  Pause
2.  Pray- ask God's wisdom
3.  Listen to God thru His word, meditate on it
4.  Follow God's leading

And surely, the path I will take will give me peace.

Oh Lord,  I pray for that every crossroad I encounter, you will remind me to pause, pray and listen.  Please enable me to control myself to react and decide out of pressure and worry.  Lord, teach me to depend on your wisdom and not on my own understanding.  Allow me to fully surrender and trust Your will in all that I do.  Moment by moment, teach me to be humble and take your path.  I pray in the mighty name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

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