Be Grateful Today

  1. I have a beautiful family.
  2. I have healthy kids.
  3. We have a nice house.
  4. We have food in our table.
  5. My kids are comfortable.
  6. My son is in a good school.
  7. My mom and brother are helping me out in the house.
  8. My mother in law and father in law for always helping us.
  9. My family for always being there for us.
  10. We have some comforts and wants others don't have.
  11. We saw a business that can lead us to a great life and we have mentors who are patient and tjey never fail to give support.
  12. We have great friends.
  13. I was able to buy gifts for Christmas.
  14. We were able to sell some stuff.
  15. We have aircon at home.
  16. We received a package from Nonong and family.

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