Miggy's Field Trip

A week before his field trip, Miggy was already excited about it.  He had visited Manila Ocean Park twice already,  but the thought of visiting it again with his classmates excites him and we just had to say yes to this field trip.

We got up early since assembly at school is at 5:30AM.  It took a while though for the tour organizers and the teachers to get everyone settled in their respected buses, we left the school 7:30AM.

Assigned to our bus as tour guide is Kuya Aljon.  I was expecting to take a short nap on our way to Ocean Park, but Kuya Aljon kep us all awake with his games and interesting trivia of almost anything, anyplace we passed by to.  He also made a running tour of Intramuros before heading to Manila Ocean Park.

Kuya Aljon, our tour guide
Upon arrival at Manila Ocean Park, we had to spend 30 minutes at the bus to wait for its opening time.  And another 10 minutes at the lobby which was no fun at all because of the hot weather.  But the little boy did not mind at all.  :-)

Our first stop is SERILAND.  We visited 3 exhibits or areas:  Kid's Paradise, 3D Cinema and Trick Art Museum.  We were supposed to visit Mirror Maze instead of Kid's Paradise but the latter is unavailable due to an accident a day before.  I think a mirror was broken.

Kid's Paradise

3D Cinema
The Trick Art Museum was very interesting.  They were just simple wall paintings but the trick is when you use the camera (without flash).  I wish we had more time to take pictures.

After a tiring morning at Seriland, we had lunch on board our bus, then they gave us free time to roam around the place before our 1:30 schedule at Penguin Talkshow.

Playing around

I thought the Amzaing Penguin Talkshow was a usual kid's show but I was surprised to have learned that it was actually a digital puppetry and stand up comedy in one! We were laughing the whole time!

Enjoying the Penguin Talk Show

Oceanarium was next.  We already visited the place twice and there was nothing new inside.

Nemo was a hit as always :-)

Magical Show was next.  This is the part when the camera's battery went out already.

Then Trail to Antartica was next.  But before you go inside, you will see a large a aquarium where you can see small penguins and you can feed them for a fee.  Miguel was really really insistent on trying it out that I had to pay 250.00 for a chance to feed the penguin one fish (as in one lang, you have to pay additional for another fish) and a photo op with the penguins. It was all over in a second! But the boy was really happy!

The Trail to Antartica was never a trail at all.  It was a big decorated room of ice where you can take picture as if you're in a snow. It was really cold!

Trail to Antartica

After the Trail to Antartica, we were already tired and exhausted and most parents were already wishing to go home. We dropped by the souvenir shop on our way out the area for pasalubong.  Our last exhibit was the Dancing Sea Fairies, and we already saw that the last time we visited Ocean park so I was kinda hoping to skip it and just grab something to eat but Miguel insisted we go and see it again.  We were there for less than five minutes.  Just a room of floor length aquariums with jellies- they are lighted with different colors though which makes them attractive.  It's obvious that the place was built to be a bar or resto.  Maybe it did not go well so they turned it into exhibit instead.

We left the place around 6PM already and the kid's were tired that they dozed off shortly after deaparture. 

All in all, we had fun, especially the little boy.  :-) 

Thank you Lord for this day. It would not have been possible without your guidance and protection.

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