Miggy's Graduation

Warning:  This post will contain too many proud claims of a very proud mom.  So bear with me, mommy mode talaga.  I can't help it. :-)

First of, I want everyone to know that I was so excited and so proud when I received a letter from the school that Miggy is tasked to do the Farewell Speech/Closing Remarks.  Of course, what went through my mind immediately was my son is surely an awardee or part of the top honor list.  But since they were still taking their final exams that time, I thought to myself that of course, there is no announcement yet.  But last day of their practice came and I still got no news about it.  Until I overheard one parent during their farewell party that the school do not give awards or release honors list for preschool graduation since they maintain their non competition principle (no awards)- I have yet to ask the official reason for this.  But you can actually ask for your child's rank from his/her teacher.  I have mentally noted to do so when I get his card after the holy week.

But then again, please allow me to make yabang a bit-  out of the 60 graduates, only 5 of them delivered a speech including the 2 emcees.  And so I just had to assume my son is part of the Top 10, or hopefully top 5. :-)  Forgive me, I am really a proud mom!!

Having said that- let me proceed with the graduation kwento:

I have to say great job to OLPMC for the well planned and organized program.  It started on time and the flow was short and smooth.  The candidates presented two numbers as their tribute to teachers and parents.  And during the distribution of diplomas, I was near tears-  I realized how fast time flies.  My son is going to Grade 1 already next year and before I knew it- he'll be in his teens!  I am grateful to God that He gave me the chance and power to become a full time mom.  I really have to enjoy all this time with my kids while they are still young and all they need is mom and dad.  :-)

Then the kids handed us a gift from OLPMC. It was sweet of them to give us such a nice gift-  a personalized mug with our family picture and a handwritten note from Miggy.  Nakakaiyak lang the note.

When it got to the part where Miggy's speech was nearing, ako ang kinakabahan! Hahaha! Ngek!  Parang ako ang magiispeech.  But Miguel was confident.  Even during the time that we were practicing, he keeps on telling me that he will be fine and there's no need to make paulit-ulit to practice.

After the ceremony, Miggy requested that we go to Shakeys for his cravings:  MOJOS! So off we went to Shakey's ATC.  Of course, TIMEZONE is a must after-lunch go to.

The video of his speech accessible thru my FB account.  Click here.

See some picture below also.  Would like to thank Achie, Tita Gheng, Tita Sally and Tito Benjie for joining us.  :-)  Thank you Tita Gheng for the lunch! :-)

The Graduate

The Stage
During his speech


Farewell Address

With Achie
Chicken, mojos, salad and pizza (not in the pic)

Kuya's gifts

Thank you Lord, for bestowing my son the ability and intelligence.  If not for your grace and will, he will not be able to give us such a wonderful gift.

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