Photo Dump

I've been busy still, so I cannot find time to share my thoughts and heart lately.  I think I should MAKE time instead of finding one.

But for the meantime, will dump photos with short kwentos in here:

Our latest addiction- Soy Yummy.

The Choice Shorts

Kwento:  We passed by the Kid's Clothes section at SM Soutmall.  She saw the shorts (khaki shorts she's wearing above), grabbed it and insisted on buying it for her.  Imagine a 2 year old throwing tantrums at the store when I refused to buy it.  She charmed her Dad though.  It was his birthday that day and he ended up buying a gift for her daughter.  :-) 

At Wilcon Alabang

McSpicy- thumbs up!

Our little boy is Grade 1 already! How time flies!

Rare moments!

We both love Cha Times Choco-Malt Mousse

And same with Maxene- she drinks it like she drinks her milk- NONSTOP

Weekend Ihaw-ihaw

They love Milk Tea

Miggy's first day in AWANA 

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