SM Southmall Bowling Center

I don't know how to play bowling and so I was not interested to check the place out.  But Miguel insisted we visit the area.  He went ahead with his dad while we stopped by the department store first for some stuff.  They both decided they to play playstation while waiting for us.

I was surprised when I got there though.  The place is huge and there were other activities aside from bowling and play station.

Bowling Area

Game Zone


Massage Chairs

Dance Revo
Bowling Area 

Maxene in one of the massage chairs

I tried the massage chairs for PHP20 (6 minutes).  I highly recommend it for those who just need a quick relaxation.  I wished though I have put in PHP50 for 15min.  :-)  Will try uli next time. 

They also have a snack bar, not sure about the offers and prices.  

Well, it's a good place for barkada's to hang out and for families to bond.  

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